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Stall Catchers

Get answers from experts and experienced users about how to play the Stall Catchers game and tell the difference between blood vessels that are flowing or stalled.

Beta Catchers

We at the Human Computation Institute are currently developing a citizen science game to help speed up Alzheimer’s Disease research at UC Davis and UC San Francisco, which will help us better understand why Hispanic people are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s than non-Hispanic White people.

Dream Catchers

Get answers from experts and experienced users about how to play Dream Catchers, what is safe infant sleep, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and how this research may help prevent it.

Suggestions Box

Your suggestions and comments about how we could improve this discussion forum or anything about Human Computation Institute's projects in general. (For suggestions about Stall Catchers go to this category.)

The Coffee Shop

Get to know each other - the not-so-serious subjects, topics that don’t fit elsewhere, or cool down with a chat and a virtual coffee …

Citizen Science Ethics

This category is for discussing values related to Citizen Science and for defining and revising ethical standards for our community based on those values. Our community includes citizen science volunteers, project managers, scientists, research beneficiaries, and sponsors.