Spelling challenge! We want to create a vessel alphabet!

Should I keep posting anything else I find for any letter orrrrrrrr…?

Please keep posting (if you feel like it of course!) !

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Can we do Lithuanian letters too? :innocent:

Letter Ė

@pietro what’s the status of that spelling tool, hm? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve discussed it with our lead developer. We’ve got a lot on our plate with a tight timeline, but we might be able to build this in February. Sorry I can’t be more committal. That said, if I can figure out a quick way to do it as a weekend project, I might give it go!

need a better “C” !

and “B” !

whoa, that was fast!

…I know, I know.

what a pretty “t” I found!

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