A Stall Catcher's Poem

Stall Catchers

I’m playing Stall Catchers
It’s a new kind of game
They gave Alzheimer’s to mice
We look for blockages in their brains

These blockages in blood vessels
It’s what they call a stall
If we want to find a cure
We need to find them all

Finding them is time-consuming
but it’s not hard to master
If you help us play this game
We will find the stalls much faster

When we find all these stalls
They can make a drug
that will destroy these blockages
and save the ones we love

Michael Ethan Landau


Whoa - nice! Thank you, Michael! :smiley:

I shared it with the team. And do you mind if we use it on social media?

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Yes, Thank you! You can share it on social media if you like. I was thinking that you could post it someplace on the Internet, and then have a link to the stall catcher’s website at the end, or something like that.

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Already added to our list of posts, and our social media manager @vi.zo got really excited about it and might do something more… :sunglasses: I’ll leave it up to her :smiley:

Thanks so much again - it’s great!


WHOA! One of our catchers wrote a #StallCatchers poem 😊 Enjoy!

Thanks so much @MichelLandau ! pic.twitter.com/TlQbg175MB

— EyesOnALZ (@eyesonalz) June 29, 2018

:purple_heart: thanks again @MikeLandau !!

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