About the new avatar

Hey Stallcatchers admins,

The problems I’ve been having with the inability to get te movies t auto-scroll have been fixed. THANK YOU!

Now I just want to ask about the new profile picture (avatar0’

I click the green upload button, and takes me to my photos in my C drive. I’ve clicked on several, but the don’t seem to load.

I MAY just not be patient waiting for the photo to load, but several times I’ve tried, I’ve waited about 3 + minutes and still no photo in the box it is to appear in.

Is this again me not being patient enough, or a bug that needs work on?

HP laptop



Hi @chairstar!

My apologies, only seeing this now :flushed: (do feel free to use the bug report google form - I usually see those quicker :sweat_smile:)

We did have that problem in the beginning but it was solved within a couple of hours of launching this feature… :thinking: is it still not working for you now? In any case, I asked our bug remediation to look into it. We will let you know what we find!

Thank you!