Are you using the Autoscroll?

During our alpha testing there was much excitement regarding the Autoscroll function - when the slider moves on it’s own and the movie just keeps looping. Which is why we worked to make it available in the beta too…

That may certainly save some manual effort (you don’t have to move the slider yourself), but I am now getting a feeling that not so many people are using it? Perhaps we should remove it?

###Are you using the Autoscroll function?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes

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Thank you for letting us know, and for helping us improve Stall Catchers! Comments & other feedback always welcome here :blush:

About Autoscroll: Yes! I use it at the start every time— for one important function! With Autoscroll, I can immediately locate the vessel you want me to examine. Then, I change to hand-scroll and take my good ole’ time looking for a Stall in that vessel. Without Autoscroll, sometimes the vessel of choice is a little difficult to determine. Please leave Autoscroll for folks like me, OK? Thanks, Evelyn

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I don’t. I like to scroll through at my own pace, frequently going backwards and forwards. I suspect it’s a matter of both device and personal taste though.

Awesome - that’s really good to know, thank you, @evelynrsmith ! The autoscroll will absolutely stay then :blush:

Is there anything you feel should be improved in the way Autoscroll works?

Thank you so much for letting us know! A really good tip too!

Thank you! I had no idea my request would result in keeping the autoscroll! I’m just an 87 year old lady who considers herself privileged to participate in this project, Just today, I viewed a movie in which the prominent vessel was extremely difficult to locate. I activated autoscroll, and after a few seconds—I spotted the vessel you wanted me to look at. Those who don’t find it helpful, can ignore it. But, I do. THANKS–Evelyn

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Same with me. Tried autoscroll a couple of times but didn’t find it useful.

in fact - I’ve always noticed when I need to hit my 'puter refresh function, the “show answer” box is checked, but NOT the autoscroll.

I have seen where I don’t need to hit refresh as often with the “show answer” unchecked. So could you “reverse” the check boxes, where the auto scroll IS always checked, and the show answer is unchecked? Unless of coarse I need an ego boost and see if I made the right annotation on a movie, that is.



Keep it! I use Autoscroll all the time… It speeds up the evaluations, especially for the videos I’ve seen 50-100 times (or more).

If I encounter a difficult video, and there are many, I hit pause and scroll through one frame at a time and then usually click the ‘Show Answer’ option. “Next”, and I’m off to the next one, ready to go on Autoscroll…

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please keep it. As most here have said, it speeds up the annotation process, w/o the "manual labor’.

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