Bigger isn't better!

Boy have I taken a beating tonight! The hubs thought he was doing me a favor by switching my 20 inch monitor to a 42 inch tv/monitor. Well, let me tell you… 1. First looking side to side to just see everything is a pain in the neck. 2. My screen shot now is huge! (10"x12"!!) 3. I can see so many layers that I have repeatedly gotten many many wrong. 4. My sensitivity went from 116 to 70, and has hovered around 86 for most of the night. 5. I have watched 425 movies tonight and can’t see straight anymore to bring my bar up any further.
So in closing, those of you that wished for a bigger picture. Be careful what you wish for. It isn’t always the best solution.
Time to put these old eyes to bed. Until next time… Happy Catching

Z Z Z Z Z Z Z, :confounded:

I can see how just having a bigger screen would not really help that much. I imagine that it makes everything bigger when all you really need is for the target vessel to be larger, not the entire image. It’s good that you posted though because I’ve often wondered whether a bigger screen would be helpful, or not. I would think that it would help a little bit because the image would be larger, but perhaps not more detailed. What is really needed is the ability to magnify the target vessel. I hope that someday the interface will have the ability to magnify just the target vessel, and nothing else. That is what is really needed. Thanks for posting!


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