Black band on stallcatchers screen

It covers the top half of the movie screen and has links to Catch!, About, How to, etc. Nothing I do gets rid of it, and I can’t catch any stalls until I do. Using Firefox version 63.0.3. Help!

Hi jfrancis -
The banner you describe is the normal game header that should be at the top of the window. The video image should be visible below this black banner. The video window and scoring panels can be moved up and down using the windows scroll bar along the right edge of your window.

You might want to change the overall zoom you have set for your browser. This is what my screen looks like for normal play.

Notice that there is an up/down scroll bar for the chatbox and another for the whole page.

Hope that helps.

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Here is my screen if I am zoomed in too much.

@jfrancis did you manage to resolve the problem by zooming out? we also did some repairs yesterday to make sure this doesn’t happen on smaller screens. but please do let us know if the problem persists!

Yes. No problem. It’s silly to require a 20-character message when 3 characters do the job just as well.

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haha, agree! silly forum rules. (prevents spamming somewhat i guess 🤷)

glad the problem is gone !!