Blue Skill Bar Labels - Just Curious

I know that we do not all have the same identifier on our blue skill indicator. For example, mine reads “My Performance,” while Mike L’s reads “Research Value.” Curiosity has finally got the best of me. How many different labels for the skill bar are there? If you’d care to alleviate my angst over this pressing issue, please reply! Happy catching,
Mike C.

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Mike, I have RESEARCH VALUE on my Windows 7 laptop with Chrome browser, and MY PERFORMANCE on my Android smartphone (also running Chrome).

Hello Mike,
My blue indicator says “research value” on my Windows 10 laptop, also Chrome browser

Thank you both. Perhaps those are the only two, then. Intriguing, Tom, that you get both depending on platform.
Mike C.
(Now, what about that teeny-tiny eyeball at the bottom of the indicator? It really shrunk down.)

@caprarom you caught us … :innocent: we were curious to see how it might motivate people differently to call it different things. we have been calling it only those two things. the blue bar shows the same information regardless of the label. and the label is accurate in both cases

we haven’t looked at the data yet though!

@Tacitsci it shouldn’t be like this! :scream:

are you using the same user account on both? please let us know, as it could be a potential bug !

Not to worry, I am using two different accounts. That’s because I use Google Plus for authentication and my cell phone email is different from my laptop email.

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So, my skill bar is now naked - the label disappeared. Is this true for anyone else? (Low priority inquiry; just curious again.)

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Yes, we took them away now! :slight_smile: (poor naked bar tho :grimacing:…)