"Blurry" movies

I just realized that we posted some very low magnification movies - which is why some of the movies are blurry. The screen shot from Mike is an example of this. In our experiments, we usually take a zoomed out view that spans the whole window.

The “halo” around the edges is actually from the edge of the window where the glass on top of the brain meets the skull. The vertical stripe on the left is the central sagittal sinus. This is the big vein which runs along the middle of the brain. Humans also have this.

These image span a region about 5 mm wide. Our usual movies are about 0.5 mm across.

Sorry about this. You can flag these movies to help us find the error.

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Thanks, Nozomi, that explains a lot. Will try to remember to flag them, but that will be a lot of flags. They make up a significant percentage of the current crop.

@caprarom and All,

We will also work with their automatic removal as soon as @ieva comes back from her holidays. (Next week!)

But flagging them will helps us identify examples of the bad ones quicker, and then remove the lot!

These may be examples of what @Plenum is seeing from the High Fat Dataset. We had more of these types of movies earlier this year. Will continue to flag them when we see them.

I have seen similar movies that had this same feature along the bottom edge. No defined vessel to annotate.

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Hi @gcalkins & @Plenum – thank you, I did forward Plenum’s examples to @pietro & @ieva but they appear to be swamped before the holidays :dizzy_face:

We won’t let this slide tho!!

P.S. initially I thought @Plenum was also talking about the grainy training movies…?

Hi, All -
I was originally complaining(?) about “grainy” videos - and it appears that “blurry” videos are entering the topic. But, no, the two are distinct, to me. I’m compiling a list of the “worst grainy videos” (in my opinion) as I work through, so there’ll be another document (maybe in 7-10 days) to go with the already emailed to sepulte about three days ago.

As mentioned in the email, grainy videos, to me, do no good when it comes to analyzing excellent, detailed videos like this one: https://s3.amazonaws.com/alz.bucket/r/az_ea0e348abe994e79abbf0c8215b899d2/az_ea0e348abe994e79abbf0c8215b899d2.mp4

I would save the grainy videos for another, say, introductory category of analysis.

((Blurry movies is another topic.))

Happy Holidays!


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