Bots on the Leaderboard?

Pietro raised this issue in the chat box, and I thought for those of us on the HCI Forum it might be more convenient to respond here. For reference, here is most of what Pietro posted:

"How would you all feel about seeing bots show up on the leaderboard? From what we can tell, they will be about as good as an average player, but they don’t need to eat or sleep, so they can catch stalls around the clock. Anyway, we aren’t there yet, but they could be coming… and we will need to answer practical questions like that - they could work behind the scenes or they could be players on the leaderboard, or have their own bot-leaderboard!

Before any of that happens, we will most likely show them a dataset before any humans look at them - ask them to remove as many flowing vessels as possible, and then once the bots are done, all that’s left is the more challenging vessels … ! Datasets may end up being smaller but more challenging."

My own initial reaction is: How many bots are we talking about? If they’d be crowding humans out of the top ten listings, I’d think we’d probably want to have them on a separate listing so the humans can still see who’s on and compete for daily or weekly honors as some like to do now. My personal priority, though, would be to keep to a minimum any periodic software tasks/utilities that might adversely impact load or wait times with the new software platform. It’s no fun feeling unproductive while waiting several seconds between movies. (I reserve the right to comment further later on. :wink:)