Catchathon 2021: Full report!

Thank you ALL for joining us in the Catchathon 2021! 😊 We had a blast!! Did you?! :)

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Here's an amazing video from Gulliver Prep - one of our participant schools - about their experience (see more participant impressions and photos below):

Here's the overall (pretty impressive!) stats:

Duration: 24 hours Total number of catchers: 363 Total number of teams: 41

Total number of movies analyzed: 97002 Total research movies: 47634 That adds up to 62 days of lab time!!!

We were analyzing an average of 67.3 movies per minute!

Final hour

If you missed our live Final hour stream on Facebook, with some of our participant teams and a Q&A, you can catch up here:

Final hour stats: 90 catchers playing 15119 total movies 6677 research movies - 6.7 days of lab time in just one hour!

The Winners

The winning team was "Tracker" - a one-man team by our supercatcher starider - with 12716 research movies & 16605616 points ! :) CONGRATULATIONS! 🎉

Runners up were "I See Stalls" with 6071 research movies & 7708764 points. In the third place by points we had team "krissi" with 3697823 points, and "Raider Team" by research movies with 4621 movies!

Our special catcher GAIA 🤖 of the "Bots" team took fourth place in both points (3628976) and research movies (3223)!

Among human catchers, the top 5 included: starider, caprarom, christiane, sean4046 and KarisFraMauro by points, and starider, caprarom, christiane, sean4046 and lscatcher by research movies!

(see the full team leaderboard and catcher leaderboard below)

What did our participants say about the catchathon?

Well, most were sad it was over! :)

Here's some feedback from Gulliver Prep middle school:

These two days that our seventh graders participated in the Stall Catchers activity were full of positive energy. Students were empowered  by knowing that, at this early age, they could assist actual research  for an actual cause.

Dr. Isabel Lopez, Middle School Science Faculty & Department Chair, Gulliver Prep

Gulliver Prep middle school participating in Catchathon 2021!

Zion Lutheran School:

This amazing program has so captured &  engaged my students. They spend so much of their own time on the  program. I had one of my track athletes in our after school team study  hall - stand up and dance when he hit a million points & was proudly  showing his results to teammates as they came in for practice.

Diane Hinck, Zion Lutheran School

Zion Lutheran School participating in Catchathon 2021!

Palmer Trinity School:

Thank you for organizing this event. Our students really enjoyed it and  were very competitive the last few days. In fact, some students  continued outside of class!

Robert Moore, Science Department Co-Chair, Palmer Trinity School

Palmer Trinity School participating in Catchathon 2021!

How did the world's first citizen science bot do?!

Well, our bot GAIA 🤖 actually got a little nervous in the beginning of the event and froze... But not for long! Soon enough, she was running and catching slowly, but steadily!

GAIA is an intelligent bot that uses deep learning to classify blood vessels as either flowing or stalled. Since she is the first citizen science agent on the Stall Catchers platform, she's the Gateway for Artificially Intelligent Agents. She also shares her name with a Greek primordial deity - the great mother of all creation. GAIA is a trinity of machine learning models that makes decisions based on a majority vote.

GAIA 🤖 eventually came in fourth by points and real movies. There was a very close race between her and our catcher caprarom (who, by the way, jokingly refered to our GAIA 🤖 as "that pesky bot", since she was annoyingly on his heals for most of the catchathon! 🤭). AND, in the end, another one of our supercatchers - christiane - actually got ahead of GAIA 🤖 by points! :) It was a very close race though: 3697823 vs 3628976 points.

So it's 1 for supercatchers, 0 for GAIA 🤖, eh? 😜 Just kidding - we're all in this together, GAIA 🤖 included, and hopefully she will help us analyze data faster in the future!

We will be conducting full analysis of how well we did working together with GAIA 🤖, and whether the crowd answers we got were as good as humans-only. Check back on this blog to find out the answer to that!

Last but not least... Here's the full team and catcher leaderboards (by research movies)!

Team leaderboard:

Team nameResearch movies 1Tracker12716 2I See Stalls6071 3Raider Team4621 4Bots3223 5zion science 8L3207 6krissi2879 7Alz Together Now2300 8PTS Falcons1609 9UniqueMappers1377 10Canada1078 11Cookie780 12CIÊNCIA CIDADÃ523 13This is our Life497 14Retirees459 15The Mansfield Connection431 16Dawson ETAS5413 17Austria404 18Singularity2045386 19Dementia Action Week347 20SciStarter343 21Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day287 22Verizon Red Team164 23HCI139 24Team PH133 25The Network of the National Library of Medicine January 2021116 26Argentina102 27Kaunas Makerspace92 28CitSciOz73 29stall destruction54 30Library Stall Catchers Competition48 31Finders47 32Bangladesh (MD)34 33Alzheimer's Research UK24 34ALZ Saviors23 35Verizon Black Team23 36SUNY Schenectady CCC21 37Drakes!20 38Lewy Lewy ,oooo, Bodies20 39Slytherin15 40Meekins Scientists11 41BCML8 42CitSci.Asia0 43LAPL0

Catcher leaderboard:

CatcherResearch movies 1starider12717 2caprarom★5025 3Bot GAIA3228 4christiane2879 5sean40461939 6lscatcher1339 7Carol_aka_Mema★1046 8KarisFraMauro1042 9Arie1234851 10Sean_Ettner819 11Zinnykal665 12Unique641 13Brogan602 14jerbialdo523 15jkaufbenefits459 16gcalkins★431 17Warren_Tynis409 18Karli404 19EYEWIRE.ORG386 20Athena_Dyer379 21Tom_Adams372 22chairstar361 23ababbie348 24DheidiN343 25sararoldan340 26IanFleitesCruz317 27Jillyan_Ortega304 28Brooke_Glander301 29Michael_Landau287 30Olympia_Schneider286 31Carly_M285 32Emilie_Polizzi243 33JustinEbanks228 34Ryan_Heuser227 35Sam_Chaffin216 36LorenzoCabreraVidales202 37Lexie_Blake201 38Autumn_Shacklee192 39aynsleyk178 40Tiaan_Damian174 41AV1VZ164 42Marvik163 43Stella_Vogliazzo151 44Adrian_Aryeh150 45orbithunter133 46Lucas_Gonzalez126 47Thomas_Adams124 48maximelefebvre122 49Libuše_HCresAlz118 50Thaddeus115 51SantiagoRojas108 52Seana107 53JoaquinSandaal107 54Justin34Z104 55Henry_Seo104 56drisstardieu103 57Julia_Cieslak98 58Haruka_Torres97 59axolotl95 60CarmenKavalekas12393 61elAmber92 62GENBOZ90 63AllanH12388 64Katie_Polizzi87 65Sydney_Brown86 66lopi01185 67Hailey_Ranftl84 68Danilo_Lacayo80 69Thomas_Atkins80 70JackieC73 71Alexis_Earle68 72David_Padron66 73Sienna_Alvarez64 74Evelyn_Kelly64 75Coluther63 76COCOANDANNABELLE63 77Desi_Price62 78BELL12157 79emilybloom2357 80evanfunky★54 81Sarahisthebest53 82EricMarchesini51 83JulietaMassey49 84RVStitch48 85AliciaRubio48 86Ieva26547 87HelenaVazquez89046 88Camilo_Herrera44 89Isabella_Bayas43 90Acorrea2742 91SydneyJefferson41 92Kaylee_Sierpien41 93GabriellaVargas41 94Xtalan40 95AFeinstein39 96jazzroberts38 97ISchmoe36 98Nikos36 99Reid_Ruzycki35 100Landon_McKelvey35 101Melanie_Weyrich34 102woodduck32 103JesseManno32 104majemalo31 105Monday_Samuel30 106Maia_Cutin30 107millamassoni28 108Lennon_Maher28 109Felipe_Cuono28 110Andrea_Parilli-Gaskin28 111greta26 112BrookeL26 113MiaSullivan00726 114vipaamji26 115Mvedrani25 116learle25 117LucCarroll8125 118sofiahernandez725 119Hgo25 120millamassoni25 121Bala_Jothi25 122Nico24 123Anindita24 124Alejandro_Frias23 125ethanlinn23 126Rainer_Halbmaier23 127lilybirdieee23 128JackieC23 129chupapi23 130Leomani23 131gmaher2723 132Lsabga2723 133Glowstoes23 134Kalia_Ruiz22 135domi06122 136pietro+HCI21 137charlotteschaul21 138Andrew_Protell21 139nadzface21 140Caterina_De21 141Rainer_Halbmaier21 142Tim202120 143vipaamji20 144DragonKitty20 145alla20 146Coluther20 147milla20 148Lucia_Segrera19 149humrbird19 150eitankrajewski19 151GENBOZ19 152Lucia_Segrera19 153Hinck19 154Gracieswag19 155Ruby_Sjurseth18 156Emiliano_Medina18 157Savannah_Teems18 158Keana18 159Emily_Cerda18 160Barrett_Freymuller18 161Dimarco_Benjamin17 162love4all17 163Santiago17 164IsabelleGiger17 165glol17 166bmealey17 167Leah_Ventura17 168Dayna_Carr17 169AFeinstein17 170Jacob_Bergbreiter16 171Catalina_Ortiz16 172kbenesch2716 173AmeliaAntelope16 174Jus16 175Mateo_Fernandez16 176GonzaloSenior16 177rjs16 178Xtalan16 179JMappinMan16 180Makayla_Ranftl16 181BrookeL15 182DillanHolmes15 183JuliaToast15 184Natalia_Zurcher15 185bdancy15 186suab15 187Anindita15 188itorres2715 189Tommaso_Nesta14 190GamalielAig14 191Ikaika_Gardner14 192MartinNorena14 193csella14 194literally14 195Beatitude14 196Dimitri14 197henthe1814 198JonasSchoenwald13 199greta13 200harrilb13 201O13 202lglevanik13 203rafael000113 204ISchmoe13 205Riley_Prescott13 206woodduck13 207Lolo1012 208BrodyBerger0812 209Kyler_Kim12 210carmitage1112 211Hinck12 212yulia74112 213Janna12 214Nash_Nisi12 215Archer12 216Isabella_Vega11 217Daniel_P11 218thisisaUsername11 219Summer_Smyth11 220Samantha_Stern11 221Merritt_Sims11 222majemalo11 223Nancy_Myster11 224ASHER11 225emilyperson11 226Nikos11 227HudsonEisenbud10 228AnuJ10 229teahaven10 230Gavin_Barkman10 231Jack_Stula10 232Alexander_Trummer9 233gmaher279 234elijah-swag-dog9 235mmcgorry9 236Jaime_Sola9 237JMappinMan9 238Lincoln_Schulman9 239Meow9 240nicoescobar8 241CatchME!8 242AnaWand8 243Bukola8 244Madelyn_Gieseke8 245Leomani8 246Naomi_Schmidt8 247dbrunson8 248Samuel_Aguirre8 249Rama_Vaidyanathan8 250MeloStar8 251Giselle_Ruisanchez8 252mfischer8 253Sebastian_Briggs7 254laraalon7 255Lydia_Cieslak7 256valbreitling1237 257aperson7 258mcruz7 259marty137 260Norah7 261rocky7637 262Dayna_Carr7 263reggierr7 264pietro+HCI7 265teahaven7 266sdavenport277 267nadzface6 268Cristian_Contreras6 269LoganJagolinzer6 270Justyce21236 271Gabriela_Lopez6 272dbrunson6 273neeci6 274Alessia_Guinand6 275humrbird6 276Shaanveer6 277Merritt_Sims5 278Sawyer_Coulthard5 279Laura_Onac5 280Archer5 281Matthew_Cili5 282MayaAltman5 283lucigoosey5 284mfischer5 285venriquez275 286DocGooden5 287Taylor_Schumann5 2889876543215 289sofiahernandez75 290davidernsberger5 291AlexLee5 292imrna35 293Dr._Isabel5 294glol5 295DragonKitty5 296Karlee4 297JohnDeAppleSeed4 298Gracieswag4 299Joseph_Monagle4 300alla4 301LibušeHC4 302rafael00014 303Bitsy_Eisberg4 304James_Camarota4 305TamaraSantoyo4 306sidneydare3 307HaydenAmronR20213 308kaos083 309Hgo3 310MsDebbie3 311Meow3 312Xx_dusk_deamon_xX_deamons3 313MsDebbie3 314AlecCool323 315Julia_Dry3 316Ronda_Potter3 317Taylor_Schumann3 318JohnDeAppleSeed3 319Lydia_Cieslak3 320Kamryn_Grismer3 321ohamat182 322Olivia_Pickens2 323Tordy2 324henthe182 325rjs2 326Joaquim_Simoes2 327Soraya_Noor2 328Xx_dusk_deamon_xX_deamons2 329MeredithWilson2 330JBMJB2 331lglevanik2 332NoBlock662 333aliceabreu2 334rumana_farheen2 335Lincoln_Schulman2 336Sophia_Shaner2 337rsalty2 338Charlinne_Garcia2 339SamuelCardenas63631 340Lizzie_Morris1 341Rolygirl031 342Benny_Nelson1 343Sophia_Shaner1 344Msavenger1 345ElijahWooden1 346Keana1 347Monicag5551 348Samantha_Tuohey1 349Matisse_Bullrich1 350SC_Admin1 351Evandaqueen111 352嚙阿你_是阿c佢嚙是1 353ChloeGrayson1 354Melorst1 355thebellbell1 356KUAlzcohort1 357DRAlpha1 358Jasmine_Roberts1 359dMatthews1 360Carlo_Rocchetti1 361Faith_Anyaoha1 362AKINSUSI1 363kaos081

Thank you again for joining us, everyone, and see you in the future events! 💜

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