Catcher of the #WorldAlzMonth - Michael Landau 😊

The World Alzheimer's Month has just wrapped up, and we are happy to announce the winner of our Stall Catchers social media competition!

Our dedicated catcher, Michael Landau, who not only catches lots of stalls, but keeps spreading the word about Stall Catchers far and wide!

I want a T-shirt! I hope I win! #StallCatchers #WorldAlzMonth Mike playing stall catchers #flickr

— Michael Landau (@MichelLandau) September 26, 2017

I'm number one, and the blue bar is all the way to the top! #StallCatchers #WorldAlzMonth

— Michael Landau (@MichelLandau) September 26, 2017

Michael will get a super cool Stall Catchers T-shirt for his participation in our #WorldAlzMonth competition. Hopefully we can get a picture once you receive it, Mike! 😊

Look for new Stall Catchers competitions on our blog & social media !!

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