#CatchXmas - look for hidden items in movies!

Happy Holiday Season 2017! We decided to do a special competition in Stall Catchers to celebrate - #CatchXmas - during which we will hide christmassy items in movies, 1 item per day! 12 days, until Christmas Day! :christmas_tree: :fireworks:

The first one is already live, so keep an eye out for it!

Each catcher who finds a unique item (not discovered before by other catchers) will receive a special Stall Catchers holiday card, and the first one to collect all 12 items will receive the grand prize - a Tribute gift in their name or that of their loved ones to the BrightFocus foundation.

Read more on the blog here: http://blog.eyesonalz.com/catchxmas-2017/

And happy holiday catching everyone!!

I just saw the message about this on Twitter. So I’m assuming, that if we missed the first day, that it’s impossible to win the grand prize is that correct?

Oh no, it’s totally possible !! The first item will stay in SC for the duration of the challenge - and there’s even a chance that you will see that movie (and have a chance to find it) more than once.

So you can find it any day - as long as you’re the first one to collect screenshots of the whole 12, you can win !

These unique items are hidden very well! I looked quite a bit today, and I haven’t seen one! Someone’s going to win this, but it’s not going to be me. I will be very impressed if someone finds all 12 of them. I doubt I will find even one.

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Ha, yeah - we’re thinking maybe too well! :smiley:

Tip: they’re in only one frame of the whole movie, where they’re hidden!

You can look for them all up until Christmas though.

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Finally! These are really well hidden.

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Well, I guess once you see one, they become easier to spot.

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Ha! This is totally off topic, but I am a big fan of lichens - not all people notice them or know what they are, but they actually grow pretty much everywhere (except polluted cities :grimacing:), and are very beautiful, and once you see them & learn to recognize them, you start seeing them everywhere!!

Anyway … :smiley: I’m glad you found a couple too @GnabGib

Sorry all for making it too difficult - we didn’t mean to :smiley: it’s the first time we’re doing something like this, so will have to calibrate. We’re making it a bit easier for the rest of them now too!! :wink:

Haha, yes, it is easy to become blind to certain things. Lichens are pretty interesting, I’m glad you notice them.


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wow, nice !! I think you’re in the lead now @GnabGib :wink:



Yesterday found one more, already caught by GnabGib

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AWESOME!! Thanks for participating @Elamber :blush:

I’m off to make a #CatchXmas leaderboard … finish is getting close !!! :grimacing:

P.S. there’s been some errors with a couple of items, which we fixed yesterday, and they’re back in the movies! New items have been added yesterday too - so keep looking !!! :gift:

Congrats winners! :blush: We’re making tribute gifts in the names of @GnabGib & scatcher to the BrightFocus Foundation to further support Alzheimer’s Disease Research.

@GnabGib has already decided to honor “Everyone affected by Alzheimer’s” with her donation, which I think is an amazing dedication!

Read the full blog post: https://blog.eyesonalz.com/catchxmas-winners/

And the rest of you should be receiving holiday cards soon! :blush:

Thank you everyone for participating!! Hope it was fun - we’ll calibrate difficulty next time though :smiley: (I admit some were very hard!)