Challenging Vessel Movies

We’ll use this topic to post examples of vessel movies that are particularly tricky to classify as flowing or stalled.

Challenge #1

This vessel might appear to be flowing, but is it?? Watch the movie…

Compare the outlined vessel to the one it connects to. The connected vessel is flowing, but the indicated vessel, though it appears to have texture motion (though less than the connected vessel) also has some darker patches that never move or disappear.

This vessel is almost certainly stalled!

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Challenge #2

Sometimes the most difficult aspect of catching a stall is figuring out which vessel is the target one. Try finding the vessel in this movie…

This one is tricky because the gaps in the vessel are so long, it is hard to see the full crescent shape of this vessel. For me it was useful to figure out which part of the movie was showing the vessel, and then go back and forth very quickly with the slider on just that part (which I did at the end of the movie). Can you see the vessel? Do you see the very long gaps that make this vessel stalled?

Challenge #2
So is the stalled vessel above the lower vessel doing the U-Turn? If you say the lower U-Turn vessel is connected to the center point, then I would have to respectfully disagree, since it looks like two separate vessel’s. It may also be an issue on my end, with not being able to see more of the movie to make a good judgment.

The point at the center could also be the occasional “fragment” seen in movies, that doesn’t connect back to any specific vessel.

The next time a movie is added to the Challenging Vessel’s section, the mouse pointer should be captured as well, so that it’s easier to point out and hover over the target vessel, while also pointing out the stalled area’s.

Sorry for getting back late on these. From what I remember of challenge #2 I would agree with Sean. I believe the lower left vessel did do a u-turn and I even think I remember the right side bright vessel also seemed to turn. It wasn’t clear that the morphology showed that either of these were flowing toward the center bright spot or in any way connected. (These movies are no longer available in the forum, so I can’t go back and re-inspect.) I definitely agree with the original premise that locating the targeted vessel is a significant challenge in many of these movies. I like Sean’s suggestion to include the mouse pointer to help direct the eye to the discussed morphology in these challenge tutorials.

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