Chatbox not collapsable

As said above, I am having problems with the chatbox not having the “v” arrow to allow me to collapse it, and get to the redeem link. it even was just a thick black line at the top, that I could click to collapse the box. Now nothing.

Samsung laptop
IE 10
Not tried other things, like Firefox, (though that also didn’t “play well” with my system). If you suggest another browser, or any other idea(s) please let me know.


Hi @chairgaf -
Sounds like you are experiencing the “zoomed screen” issue. Sometimes when they add a lengthy message pinned to the top of the chatbox, you can no longer see the collapse arrow.

To make the collapse arrow visible you need to “zoom out” a little. This will shrink the respective boxes on the screen and make the arrow visible. Use the “Ctrl” key and “-” (hyphen or minus key) at the same time to zoom out. You can also hit the “Ctrl” and “+” keys at the same time to zoom back in. Different people have different preferences on their screen zoom setting.

Hope this helps and solves your problem.

WELL gcalkins, IT’S LIKE THIS.

I didn’t get the chance to see if it was the “zoomed out” feature or not.

After reading your email, I went back to SC, and the chatbox, (and it’s “V”) are working beautifully, again.

Sorry for so many problems to bug you with, but I M glad you’re there when I need.



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