CitSciMed Blitz - a joint challenge with Mark2Cure & Cochrane Crowd next week! + DOUBLE points

We are very proud to be partnering with two other great biomedical citizen science platforms: Mark2Cure and Cochrane Crowd, and organizing a joint CitSciMed Blitz next week!

The challenge will happen in three parts:
– Stall Catchers challenge, from 3pm GMT, 26th February to 3pm GMT, 27th February
– Mark2Cure challenge, from 3pm GMT, 28th February to 3pm GMT, 1st March
– Cochrane Crowd challenge, from 3pm GMT, 2nd March to 3pm GMT, 3rd March

On the day of the Stall Catchers challenge, we will have double points for all users!!

At the end of the three challenges, each platform will reward their top contributors (so there will be Stall Catchers prizes!!), and there will be joint awards as well, for those who participate in all three challenges.

We invite you catch on Monday of course, but also to check out Mark2Cure and Cochrane Crowd and participate in their parts of the CitSciMed Blitz too!

Both projects are dealing with speeding up medical discovery, similarly to us, but in a different way. Mark2Cure focuses a rare disease known as NGLY1-deficiency. Volunteers extract information from biomedical abstracts in order to help researchers find clues in the literature. Cochrane Crowd’s main focus is to identify studies that provide the best possible evidence of the effectiveness of a health treatment. The more studies identified by the Crowd, the more high-quality evidence is available to help health practitioners treat their clients.

Hope you enjoy the triple challenge !! :v: Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

P.S. a blog post will all the information is going to be published at this link tomorrow morning:

Here’s the recorded webinar from Wednesday:

Well, we’re almost forty minutes into the challenge and no double points so far.

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Thanks @caprarom - looking into it!!

BTW, you can follow the real time leaderboards here, and the social media feed here!

Indeed, I don’t see them either !

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Double points just came on!

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now fixed ! :innocent:

sorry all, some time confusion in the database!! (end time set as start time :grimacing:)

Our part of the challenge is now over! Thanks all who participated :blush:

But now the fun continues with Mark2Cure and Cochrane Crowd challenges, starting 3pm on Wed, Feb 28, and 3pm, Friday, March 2, respectively.

Those who participate in all three challenges will qualify for triple citizen science trophies, prizes & digital badges!

Quick update - almost done calculating results across three platforms :innocent:

We need to check in with the other partners before we make the official announcement, but it’s looking good for us catchers! :innocent:

Forgot to share the results here… :innocent:

All written up here: !

Thanks all who participated - Stall Catchers did great !! :heart_eyes: