#CrushALZ LIVE finale - join the live hangout!

We are having our first live hangout today, and it is to celebrate the #CrushALZ competition & announce the winners live! :slight_smile:

The hangout begins at 8pm US Eastern Time (12am UTC) today, on our Facebook page, which is here: https://www.facebook.com/eyesonalz. All you need to do to tune in is go to the page & click on the live video, once it starts running! (Follow the page if you want to receive a live notification when it begins!)

There will be more details on this Facebook event too: https://www.facebook.com/events/1902288633342473/

###You might consider running it in the background while you push to win in the last hour of #CrushALZ!

Hangout hosts: Pietro, our principal investigator at EyesOnALZ and Chris, our biomedical collaborator at the Schaffer-Nishimura Laboratory, Cornell. I will be participating remotely and telling them what to say, I mean - helping out :stuck_out_tongue:

During the hangout you will be able to ask Pietro & Chris any questions you might have about the competition, Stall Catchers and the science behind!! You can also send your questions to me in advance if you like, or just put them in the comments when the live stream begins.

We will also keep tabs on the leaderboards, mention the most active individuals of the last day (CitSciDay - see this post for more info), and of course announce the #CrushALZ winners LIVE as the competition wraps up!

###Hope you can join us, and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

And on Wednesday, we are planning another live event - #CrowdCloudLive - hosted by The Crowd & The Cloud documentary crew, on their Facebook page!

This Wednesday event will feature a panel of participants, including the catchers of the winning teams!!

More details about that to follow on the blog soon …

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Here’s the recording of the hangout if you’d like to catch up with the last hour of #CrushALZ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@Chris_Schaffer talked a lot about the science behind Stall Catchers, and the most active teams have been highlighted, as well as CitSciDay most active catchers!

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