Day 21 of #CabinFever - leaderboards!

Here's results of the #CabinFever challenge Day 21!

Teams by points - Day 21

Team Points - Day 21 1testing1906112 2Canada585237 3MemoryCafes557702 4I See Stalls552437 5krissi551955 6Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day507059 7First Stone482401 8This is our Life236209 9Port Angeles, WA184968 10Ring Catchers72817 11Dementia Action Week54475 12Grandad's Army33377 13Team PH28176 14MinnesotaNice23649 15fortnite gamers7847 1615apotato.4272 17CVGS3747 18HB Woodlawn 7th Grade Stall Catchers513 19Verizon234 20SciStarter207 21Scotch Plains Library150 22TheSciFiMed102 23Arizona State University67

Teams by research movies - Day 21

Team Research movies - Day 21 1testing1452 2krissi500 3Canada452 4I See Stalls451 5MemoryCafes423 6Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day398 7First Stone394 8Port Angeles, WA255 9This is our Life197 10Ring Catchers105 11Grandad's Army34 12Team PH30 13Dementia Action Week24 14MinnesotaNice19 15fortnite gamers16 1615apotato.12 17CVGS8 18Scotch Plains Library3 19HB Woodlawn 7th Grade Stall Catchers1 20Arizona State University1 21Verizon0 22SciStarter0 23TheSciFiMed0

Note: the leaderboards below are for the entire challenge.

School teams by points & research movies - entire challenge, up until 12pm ET, April 22

School teamPointsResearch movies 1Ring Catchers384248621 2HB Woodlawn 7th Grade Stall Catchers73091213 3Teutopolis Wooden Shoes25598 4Unioto Citizen Science Team6973

Libraries teams by points & research movies - entire challenge, up until 12pm ET, April 22

Libraries teamPointsResearch movies 1Appaloosa Library6170488 2Scotch Plains Library3687189 3LAPL1565030 4MLCL8841 5Orchard Park Public Library4731 6JuneauLibrary680

Teams by points and research movies - entire challenge, up until 12pm ET, April 22

Team PointsResearch movies 1testing37,151,67028924 2MemoryCafes26,499,16120834 3krissi12,918,66510006 4Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day11,634,0099801 5Canada11,410,6078962 6First Stone9,404,0348710 7I See Stalls7,682,1096966 8This is our Life3,241,5612746 9Dementia Action Week2,320,8551452 10Port Angeles, WA2,205,2482540 11Kaunas Makerspace1,437,055955 12MinnesotaNice743,384832 13DutchCatchers593,396781 14Ring Catchers384,248621 15CrowdAndCloud307,510195 16Team PH264,729384 17lets stop alz149,796374 18Grandad's Army129,118252 1915apotato.118,860245 20fortnite gamers94,135221 21STALLS WILL NOT PASS78,708134 22Alz Together Now78,446183 23HB Woodlawn 7th Grade Stall Catchers73,091213 24Appaloosa Library61,70488 25Alzheimer's Research UK50,965110 26UniqueMappers45,507106 27Arizona State University44,30994 28Deerwood Science Lovers!40,84065 29Scotch Plains Library36,87189 30Singularity204527,17124 31CVGS16,41721 32AseanPlus StallCatchers15,92237 33LAPL15,65030 34SciStarter12,74322 35Alz Seekers11,90426 36Team OKC10,40323 37Dr. Masayoshi8,54313 38Portgas D Cora6,21014 394LizMol4,6516 40Winners3,4564 41TheSciFiMed2,7415 42Teutopolis Wooden Shoes2,5598 43Lexington Goes Purple2,06110 44stall destruction1,3991 45Teambumper1,2303 46Veterans for Research1,00413 47EyesOnALZ9680 48MLCL8841 49Verizon7520 50CIÊNCIA CIDADÃ7340 51Unioto Citizen Science Team6973 52Orchard Park Public Library4731 53EHC ALZ warriors2680 54Stalls to the wall1091 55Jesa-Acid890 56JuneauLibrary680 57ALZ Bees50

Users by points and research movies - entire challenge, up until 12pm ET, April 22

UsernamePointsResearch movies 1Badstallsbadbad3715167028924 2caprarom★2610219420416 3christiane1291866510006 4jkaufbenefits115867429715 5KarisFraMauro113307898783 6Nicktho94040348710 7Carol_aka_Mema★71019356287 8Thomas_Adams32291102744 9grampa138722052482540 10ababbie1469379783 11elAmber1437055955 12Uganalandia851476669 13mamaanne743384832 14Lies456593396781 15sean4046422630334 16sachambers★301905180 17MemoryCafeDirectory297854359 18alex_bervoets294603486 19orbithunter264729384 20brodydashawesome136568356 21OnTheBrink129118252 22HCresAlz128698308 23seplute/HQ9546857 24Jania78708134 25CarryGod74789213 26Fela73282174 27Carrot70527170 28chairstar67330164 29BluePrairie6170488 30Tluk6114086 31Westy5650965110 32Kogrady4726786 3389o4537369 34Zinnykal44877106 35jgerridgemiller4000591 36auvielee3683674 37G-Man3640077 38macandcheese2884637 39Paradoxick2852058 40DreamLab2717124 41pietro/HQ2698549 42No_one_goingto_beat_zach2692036 43Maurice2085347 44jlee43911592237 45Mohamed2051543429 46Marie_Carlsson1488727 47BIGJOE20201367127 48Carolyne_Mason1203128 49Sherry_Keener1190426 50EvelienHuyghe1176414 51taudesirk1065719 52patch1040323 53DylanCVGS999811 54Tom_Adams95122 55Heatherle854313 56Ale560515 57Debgies46516 58dsbrown2137478 59Lkammer34448 60Portgas32279 61Noa29835 62SC_Admin29390 63callekid29085 64Boomer286716 65Jacob27415 66courtneyhoene25598 67liba21050 68ryangallagh3r16652 69RiRi14584 70evanfunky13991 71Austin_Hilgart13590 72Dudelsack13076 73bumper12303 74mharp11197 75lillycastro10070 76badhop55100413 77JonandPaco8841 78Password8556 79Kathleen_Mack7582 80jerbialdo7340 81Rezalder7300 82OreoSherman6973 83priscannetu6300 84Sonja4732 85MemoryCatcher4640 86Selchie4590 87Tatting4471 88John_Sheahan2930 89Nynla2680 90Yougurt2492 91chnickerson2070 92th0mms3n1091 93achraf_hallaoui890 94Daniel_Cornwall680 95psjcamerl470 96Martlu5220 97mshoji70 98ravekitten2550 99LShenoy50 100Hajar20 101jlopez8920 102Teeman00

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