Day 4 of #CabinFever - leaderboards!

Our #CabinFever challenge in Stall Catchers gains speed, and here's the leaderboards of Day 4!

Note that the points leaderboards are the TOTAL points collected during the challenge, and research movie leaderboards - just Day 4.

Teams by points - entire challenge, up until 2.15pm ET, April 5

Team namePoints 1testing7,233,288 2MemoryCafes5,821,912 3krissi3,099,298 4Canada2,162,500 5Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day1,517,596 6I See Stalls1,472,741 7First Stone1,433,275 8Dementia Action Week1,070,444 9Kaunas Makerspace811,955 10This is our Life341,633 11CrowdAndCloud301,905 12Port Angeles, WA272,246 13MinnesotaNice127,668 14lets stop alz103,847 15Alzheimer's Research UK50,965 16Team PH49,978 17UniqueMappers43,884 1815apotato.30,708 19Alz Together Now24,559 20AseanPlus StallCatchers15,922 21SciStarter12,534 22Singularity20458,050 23Ring Catchers5,345 24Arizona State University4,563 25Scotch Plains Library3,551 26Portgas D Cora2,983 27Lexington Goes Purple2,061 28TheSciFiMed1,097 29Veterans for Research1,004 30EyesOnALZ968 31MLCL884 32Unioto Citizen Science Team697 33Deerwood Science Lovers!249

Users by points - entire challenge, up until 2.15pm ET, April 5

UsernamePoints 1Badstallsbadbad7233288 2caprarom★5698581 3christiane3099298 4KarisFraMauro2150519 5jkaufbenefits1517596 6Carol_aka_Mema★1462672 7Nicktho1433275 8elAmber811955 9ababbie563915 10Uganalandia506529 11Thomas_Adams338694 12sachambers★301905 13grampa1387272246 14mamaanne127668 15brodydashawesome101847 16MemoryCafeDirectory62313 17seplute/HQ57884 18Westy5650965 19orbithunter49978 20Zinnykal43884 2189o29919 22jlee439115922 23pietro/HQ15757 24chairstar13443 25Carolyne_Mason11981 26taudesirk10657 27HCresAlz10069 28DreamLab8050 29jgerridgemiller6685 30alex_bervoets5345 31Lkammer3444 32Noa2983 33SC_Admin2939 34Austin_Hilgart1359 35mharp1119 36Jacob1097 37badhop551004 38JonandPaco884 39Password789 40OreoSherman697 41Selchie459 42Tatting447 43Yougurt249 44Teeman0

Teams by research movies: (Day 4)

Team nameResearch movies 1Team Humanity1844 2testing1484 3MemoryCafes1341 4Canada1085 5krissi618 6First Stone510 7I See Stalls399 8Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day363 9Team PH102 10Dementia Action Week61 11MinnesotaNice48 12AseanPlus StallCatchers37 13Alzheimer's Research UK27 1415apotato.24 15Kaunas Makerspace21 16This is our Life10 17Scotch Plains Library8 18Alz Together Now8 19lets stop alz5 20Singularity20453 21Port Angeles, WA1

Users by research movies: (Day 4)

Team nameResearch movies 1Badstallsbadbad1484 2caprarom★1333 3KarisFraMauro1081 4christiane618 5Nicktho510 6Carol_aka_Mema★383 7jkaufbenefits363 8orbithunter102 9Uganalandia53 10mamaanne48 11jlee439137 12Westy5627 1389o24 14elAmber21 15HCresAlz16 16Thomas_Adams10 17chairstar8 18jgerridgemiller8 19ababbie8 20seplute/HQ8 21Carolyne_Mason4 22brodydashawesome4 23DreamLab3 24pietro/HQ1 25grampa13871

Stay tuned, and keep crushing Alzheimer's!!! The challenge runs for the entire Citizen Science Month! :)

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