Day 6 of #CabinFever - leaderboards!

Here I am again with the daily report ;) Here's how we're doing on Day 6 of the #CabinFever challenge!

Note that the points leaderboards are the TOTAL points collected during the challenge, and research movie leaderboards - just Day 6.

Teams by points - entire challenge, up until 3pm ET, April 7

Team nameScore 1testing11,979,867 2MemoryCafes8,310,641 3krissi3,397,353 4Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day3,068,633 5Canada2,992,409 6I See Stalls2,142,159 7First Stone1,806,148 8Dementia Action Week1,120,056 9Kaunas Makerspace811,955 10This is our Life535,237 11Port Angeles, WA399,818 12CrowdAndCloud301,905 13MinnesotaNice250,240 14lets stop alz104,003 15Team PH76,096 16Alzheimer's Research UK50,965 17UniqueMappers44,877 1815apotato.40,392 19Arizona State University35,225 20Alz Together Now27,317 21Deerwood Science Lovers!27,169 22AseanPlus StallCatchers15,922 23SciStarter12,534 24Scotch Plains Library10,314 25Singularity20458,242 26Ring Catchers5,345 27Portgas D Cora2,983 28Lexington Goes Purple2,061 29TheSciFiMed1,097 30Veterans for Research1,004 31EyesOnALZ968 32MLCL884 33Unioto Citizen Science Team697

Users by points - entire challenge, up until 3pm ET, April 7

UsernamePoints 1Badstallsbadbad11979867 2caprarom★8162492 3christiane3397353 4jkaufbenefits3068633 5KarisFraMauro2977561 6Carol_aka_Mema★2112902 7Nicktho1806148 8elAmber811955 9ababbie582642 10Uganalandia537414 11Thomas_Adams532298 12grampa1387399818 13sachambers★301905 14mamaanne250240 15brodydashawesome101847 16MemoryCafeDirectory85971 17orbithunter76096 18seplute/HQ59044 19Westy5650965 20Zinnykal44877 2189o39537 22auvielee30660 23HCresAlz29257 24No_one_goingto_beat_zach26920 25chairstar16201 26jlee439115922 27pietro/HQ15913 28jgerridgemiller13448 29Carolyne_Mason11981 30taudesirk10657 31DreamLab8242 32alex_bervoets5345 33Lkammer3444 34Noa2983 35SC_Admin2939 36Boomer2867 37Austin_Hilgart1359 38mharp1119 39Jacob1097 40badhop551004 41JonandPaco884 42Password855 43OreoSherman697 44Selchie459 45Tatting447 46Yougurt249 47jlopez892 48Teeman0

Teams by research movies: (Day 6)

Team nameResearch movies 1testing2119 2MemoryCafes1194 3Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day394 4I See Stalls316 5krissi226 6Port Angeles, WA189 7Canada104 8This is our Life90 9MinnesotaNice85 10Arizona State University23 11First Stone19 12Scotch Plains Library11 13Dementia Action Week9 14Alz Together Now4 15lets stop alz3 16UniqueMappers3

Users by research movies: (Day 6)

Team nameResearch movies 1Badstallsbadbad2119 2caprarom★1150 3jkaufbenefits394 4Carol_aka_Mema★298 5christiane226 6grampa1387189 7KarisFraMauro104 8Thomas_Adams90 9mamaanne85 10MemoryCafeDirectory34 11auvielee23 12Nicktho19 13HCresAlz18 14Atti9613 15jgerridgemiller11 16seplute/HQ10 17Uganalandia9 18chairstar4 19Zinnykal3 20pietro/HQ3

See you on Stall Catchers for the final day of the first week of the challenge!

Here's more info about the challenge if you're new.

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