Days 12-13 of #CabinFever - leaderboards!

Welcome back after Easter! And an especially warm welcome to our second school team - HB Woodlawn 7th Grade Stall Catchers, who are joining us after Spring break! 💜

Here's the latest of the #CabinFever challenge! :) sum leaderboards of Days 12&13* (Sunday, April 12 - Tuesday, April 14):

* Sorry! I forgot to get the stats on Monday (Day 12) 😭

Teams by points - Days 12+13

Team namePoints - Days 12+13 1MemoryCafes2631420 2testing2466740 3Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day1281332 4I See Stalls681948 5This is our Life637708 6Canada636260 7First Stone608477 8krissi541192 9Port Angeles, WA459448 10DutchCatchers145335 11Dementia Action Week87369 12lets stop alz33452 13MinnesotaNice15397 14HB Woodlawn 7th Grade Stall Catchers7153 15Arizona State University6109 164LizMol4651 17Singularity20452341 18CVGS2211 19Alz Together Now2076

Teams by research movies - Days 12+13

Team nameResearch movies - Days 12+13 1testing1985 2MemoryCafes1955 3Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day1209 4First Stone684 5I See Stalls651 6This is our Life526 7krissi526 8Canada505 9Port Angeles, WA413 10DutchCatchers208 11lets stop alz84 12Dementia Action Week69 13Alz Together Now19 14Arizona State University12 15HB Woodlawn 7th Grade Stall Catchers10 16MinnesotaNice9 174LizMol6 18Singularity20454 19CVGS2

Note: the leaderboards below are for the entire challenge.

Teams by points and research movies - entire challenge, up until 2.20pm ET, April 14

Team namePointsResearch movies 1testing23,647,64418739 2MemoryCafes18,119,26214459 3krissi8,239,2466343 4Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day7,131,9805966 5Canada6,264,3364806 6First Stone4,992,2244684 7I See Stalls4,480,9544050 8This is our Life2,180,5351829 9Dementia Action Week1,535,643916 10Kaunas Makerspace1,437,055955 11Port Angeles, WA1,269,0061523 12MinnesotaNice355,344421 13CrowdAndCloud307,510195 14DutchCatchers155,142223 15lets stop alz147,523371 1615apotato.111,249223 17Team PH101,406189 18STALLS WILL NOT PASS78,708134 19Alzheimer's Research UK50,965110 20UniqueMappers45,507106 21Arizona State University44,24293 22Alz Together Now43,071100 23Deerwood Science Lovers!40,84065 24AseanPlus StallCatchers15,92237 25Scotch Plains Library14,55344 26Singularity204514,45910 27SciStarter12,53622 28HB Woodlawn 7th Grade Stall Catchers7,15310 29Ring Catchers5,3453 304LizMol4,6516 31CVGS4,6325 32Portgas D Cora2,9835 33Teutopolis Wooden Shoes2,5598 34Lexington Goes Purple2,06110 35TheSciFiMed1,4434 36Veterans for Research1,00413 37EyesOnALZ9680 38MLCL8841 39CIÊNCIA CIDADÃ7340 40Unioto Citizen Science Team6973 41Jesa-Acid890 42JuneauLibrary680

Users by points and research movies - entire challenge, up until 2.20pm ET, April 14

UsernamePointsResearch movies 1Badstallsbadbad2364764418739 2caprarom★1784797514212 3christiane82392466343 4jkaufbenefits71319805966 5KarisFraMauro62421494756 6Nicktho49922244684 7Carol_aka_Mema★44069313842 8Thomas_Adams21775961829 9elAmber1437055955 10grampa138712690061523 11ababbie853405480 12Uganalandia682238436 13mamaanne355344421 14sachambers★301905180 15MemoryCafeDirectory175005188 16Lies456155142223 17brodydashawesome136568356 18orbithunter101406189 19seplute/HQ9314857 20Jania78708134 21HCresAlz74023208 22Carrot70527170 23Westy5650965110 24Zinnykal44877106 2589o3986747 26auvielee3676973 27chairstar3195581 28No_one_goingto_beat_zach2692036 29pietro/HQ2471246 30jgerridgemiller1768746 31jlee43911592237 32DreamLab1445910 33BIGJOE20201367127 34Carolyne_Mason1198127 35taudesirk1065719 36G-Man73397 37YaGrant715310 38Ale560515 39alex_bervoets53453 40Debgies46516 41Lkammer34448 42Noa29835 43DylanCVGS29673 44SC_Admin29390 45callekid29085 46Boomer286716 47courtneyhoene25598 48ryangallagh3r16652 49Jacob14434 50Austin_Hilgart13590 51mharp11197 52badhop55100413 53JonandPaco8841 54Password8556 55jerbialdo7340 56OreoSherman6973 57priscannetu6300 58Selchie4590 59Tatting4471 60Yougurt2492 61achraf_hallaoui890 62Daniel_Cornwall680 63Hajar20 64jlopez8920 65Teeman00

Look for more stats, including total research we've already accomplished, in our next - weekly - update!

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