Do you think that Google would do a doodle about stall catchers?

I had a thought. Either every day, or every week Google puts a doodle on their search page about a different topic. The doodles are little animated cartoons about different topics.

I was thinking that if they did a doodle about stall catchers, I think that potentially could reach millions of people because a lot of people view that Google page every day.

Hi there, I’ve been waiting to see if anyone else would respond to this with ideas but just thought of this- I think that the Google doodles generally illustrate bigger things like historical events, holidays etc. so StallCatchers might not be in their scope, but maybe they could do something about citizen science as a whole?.. they take suggestions … no idea what makes the cut for the doodles :slight_smile: fun idea though, keep em coming!

Hi @MikeLandau!

Awesome idea, as always! :blush: Although I think I do agree with @lvinarcsik that they might not accept it for a doodle so much. On the other hand, there’s Google ads, and I wonder if they have a program for non-profits or social causes. We did that with my other project (Crowd2Map Tanzania), but we got the spot through a third party organization who wanted to help us, so not sure it could be done directly like that, i.e. would Google directly support us & give us a free spot.

But definitely worth exploring! I’ll put it on our things to think about list :wink:

Thank you,

Although, perhaps they’d agree to do a doodle for something/someone grander, such as James Westphal, who was the father of Andrew Westphal, one of the collaborators of EyesOnALZ (Andrew created stardust@home, on which Stall Catchers is built). Sadly James Westphal died of Alzheimer’s disease. But it might make perfect sense for the doodle page to link to Stall Catchers … :wink:

What do you guys think ?!

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They could do a doodle for the birthday of the man who first described Alzheimer’s disease, and then put a link to the stall catcher game with it. Just another possible idea. Your idea sounds like it would also work, and may be more relevant than mine.

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