Egle away for two weeks 😬

Since this is quite unprecedented (:scream:) I thought I’d add a quick note here that I am leaving for two weeks on Saturday & will be completely off the grid! :airplane: :volcano:

That will - unfortunately - mean less activity on the blog, social media, and - hopefully not, but somewhat possibly - the forum. Regarding the latter, if you have any questions - address them directly to team members (@pietro regarding everything :stuck_out_tongue: @mh973, @nn62, @Chris_Schaffer regarding the science) & don’t be afraid to pester them until they answer !! :stuck_out_tongue:

For anything more urgent, especially bugs in Stall Catchers, the fastest way to get in touch is to email (although do post here for other community members to see as well) & someone should get back to you soon!

That’s that :innocent: Already missing Stall Catchers :cry: