Egle's Farewell, Best Wishes, Memories

Egle’ @seplute
Let me be one of the first to say “THANK YOU” for your unwavering commitment and contributions to Pietro, the Human Computation Institute, and Stall Catchers. You have provided the player community with a stable voice that we have come to rely upon. I hope your future plans allow you to continue pursuing your professional goals while providing the space to enjoy your personal ambitions. Please come back from time to time and keep us updated. Thanks again. You will be missed.

Guy Calkins


I certainly second Guy’s sentiments, Egle. You already know how much I’ve appreciated your shepherding me along from the outset of Stall Catchers, answering questions from a somewhat tech-challenged newbie, and along with the rest of HCI and fellow catchers like Guy, enabling me to learn about and contribute to much more than just the science. You’ve always added a good measure of fun to the proceedings as well. Thank you for your guidance and dedication, your energy and innovations; and very best wishes on your future endeavors. Remember you’re still part of the family here!

Mike C.


Say it isn’t so Egle! :{

Thank you for being there to guide me thru the trials and tribulations of SC. PLEASE come back and let us know how your new ventures are going.

Sadly yours,

chairstar (John Krull)


Dear Egle,

Thank you for all the help along the way. Best of luck on your new endeavors. You will be missed a bunch. Keep those cute critter pics coming on Facebook!

All the best,

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You’re leaving? You can’t leave. How is this place going to function without you? Who will be replacing you? In any event, good luck to you. I will miss seeing your replies to my questions. I think this is a very bad idea, and you should reconsider. Goodbye! Michael

PS: thank you for everything. When are you leaving? I hope you haven’t already left. I just found this message in my email box. Where are you going? Can you send me a postcard? I like receiving postcards.