Experiences with citizen science projects and ethical review boards

What experiences have you had so far with citizen science projects and ethical review boards?
What went fine; what problems did you face?

With Erb I have non experience.

The project I take part is one problem the transmitting of my collected data. I have a new handy and the company didn’t get any update for it as the project is a bit old. We hope for an update soon.
The other one is designed from scratch together with Citizen and of course sometimes things are a bit time critical I just love it - the group accepts me with my problems with technical issues and hearing, I just feel welcomed as a Person with Handicap. Can’t say any neg about it.

If something does not function I ask for help as I am not a technical person. That went very well in each projects.

Concerning ethics - bevor meeting this group and discussing I didn’t think of any ethics with this projects.

For one of it there are some pictures to be collected for a tutorial.
Some things I am unsure if I can photograph it so I read the regulations in German.
And in my opinion the people who make the tutorial have to be sure these pictures are legal.

I Just look that I don’t photo people or in a private place.

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I am a bit heavier into Astronomy. So looking thru SciStarter, I found a site that lets me classify galaxies whether they are good for more research by the experts.

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Thank you @Eva and @chairgaf for your insights!

In the workshop chat, some participants mentioned that IRBs were not suited for the type of relationship that exist in citizen science between scientists and citizen scientists. Their IRB didn’t consider shared decision-making for example.