EyesOnALZ to appear in THE CROWD & THE CLOUD documentary on citizen science, April 6th!

Hello everybody!

We are happy to announce (or remind you!) that EyesOnALZ & Stall Catchers are being featured in the first episode of THE CROWD & THE CLOUD documentary series on citizen science! The series premiers oApril 6th on PBS stations across the US, and will become available online on April 1st (relevant to users outside the US - like me - or those who don’t own a TV - like me, lol) !

The episode will feature personal stories of families facing Alzheimer’s, interviews of our team at EyesOnALZ, moments from our Hawthorne Stall Catchers session and more.

Here’s the synopsis of the EyesOnALZ segment:

The Johanson and Lovell families share emotional insights into how Alzheimer’s is impacting their lives. Evadene and Steve are just two of the 5.2 million Americans with the disease. At Cornell, biomedical researchers are working to understand why brain blood flow is reduced in Alzheimer’s patients. Using advanced optical instruments, they’re scanning the living brains of Alzheimer’s-afflicted mice. Their challenge: timely analyses of the tremendous amounts of data their lab is producing. The solution: EyesOnALZ, a citizen science project that enlists the crowd to help speed up the data analysis, cutting what would otherwise take one year to just 1-2 weeks. Based on two highly successful crowdsourcing projects, Stall Catchers is an online game where players help all those fighting to find cures for this dreadful disease.

More on the blog: http://blog.eyesonalz.com/crowd-and-cloud/
And the series website: http://crowdandcloud.org/watch-the-episodes/episode-one

Exciting times! :fireworks: :movie_camera: :microscope:

Thank you everyone for making this project happen :blue_heart:

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