Fill out a survey to help us bring Stall Catchers into classrooms!

We are bringing Stall Catchers into classrooms by using it as a vehicle to teach middle schoolers about internet privacy and security. Ms. Erin Davis (now Erin Lamichhane :wedding:) who led over 250 students from Lake Hazel Middle School to win the Stall Catchers Team Challenge is now developing a curriculum based on Stall Catchers that could be used by teachers around the country and world, but she needs your help. She has assured me that any person information you share with her will be altered to ensure your privacy (and I guess she should know - because that’s the curriculum topic!). Here is Erin’s letter asking for your help:

Hi fellow catcher!

I’m Erin Lamichhane (adavis5 from Middle School STEM). I’m currently working on developing curriculum with the Stall Catchers team. The lesson I’m writing right now deals with cyber security/online safety. I’d like to use some of the Stall Catchers top/frequent players as an example. When students can make real-world connections it helps to drive the message home to them. Since the goal of this curriculum is to get Stall Catchers into classrooms, it would be helpful if they had REAL competitor examples when discussing the lesson objective.

If you don’t mind sharing a little about yourself to help teach kids about cyber security/online safety, please fill out the following form (it’s private, and only for the purposes of this developing curriculum):

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me!

Thank you so much for your help!
Mrs. Erin Lamichhane (Davis)
Teacher, Digital Technology Lead