First Stall Catchers challenge!

Some of you might have noticed the “Challenge bar” which has been on Stall Catchers’ VM for a month now :slight_smile:

What is it doing there ?! Well, counting the progress towards our next big milestone! Currently that is completion of the Validation Study !

All about it is explained in our blog post here.

The challenge bar is counting the vessels we need to annotate to get through the validation study - we are trying to determine the best way to calculate the Crowd answer for each vessel, and to officially demonstrate how good the Crowd (YOU!) is :slight_smile:

The original plan was to run the challenge for 30 days, but, as explained in this blog post, the challenge bar kind of ran away from us, and a few days ago we realized we are not as done as it was suggesting! :smiley:

So we had to turn it back a little, and to compensate we extended the challenge to run for another 30 days, leading up to Xmas :slight_smile: With Xmas bonuses coming later on! :stuck_out_tongue: :christmas_tree: Stay tuned for that one!

HINT: at any time when a challenge is active, you’ll be able to learn all about it by clicking on the hyperlinked text next to it, currently it is: “Challenge Extended!

Challenge is COMPLETE!

Thank you all who participated! :slight_smile: (see thank you blog post:

We got over 75% percent of all movies required for our validation study! WOOHOO!

We’ll keep going, and let you know the results of that one very soon… :slight_smile:

###Please stay tuned for the next challenge!!
Psst it might coincide with the new features planned for later next year! :smiling_imp: