📜 First Stall Catchers scientific article - with all catchers' usernames! (High Fat Diet)

Finally, our long awaited manuscript is out there - in Nature’s Scientific Reports !

You can find the open access article in full here. In a nutshell…

You helped discover that: A high fat diet increases the severity of Alzheimer’s in mice, but not by increasing the frequency of stalls.

All Stall Catchers volunteers who contributed to the particular dataset (the High Fat Diet dataset, more about it here and in the video below :point_down:) were included as contributors in the supplementary information of the article (you can download the supplemental materials here, catchers’ usernames are in pages 9-15).

More on the blog here: https://blog.hcinst.org/sc-paper-hfd-scientific-reports/

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Big thank you from Nozomi to y’all, our catchers! :purple_heart:

Great article explaining the research from the Brightfocus folks! https://www.brightfocus.org/alzheimers-disease/article/high-fat-dietobesity-are-not-primary-drivers-behind-capillary-stalls

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