Friday (April 10) Bonus leaderboards!

Here they are!

Friday Bonus round (April 10) leaderboards:

Teams by points & research movies:

Team namePointsResearch movies 1krissi525041208 2Kaunas Makerspace377459186 3Play Stall Catchers on The Longest Day274668134 4This is our Life18541893 5MemoryCafes16968378 6testing16889689 7First Stone15194653 8Dementia Action Week3548425 9I See Stalls555411

Users by points & research movies:

UsernamePointsResearch movies 1christiane525041208 2elAmber377459186 3jkaufbenefits274668134 4Thomas_Adams18541893 5Badstallsbadbad16889689 6Nicktho15194653 7caprarom★13611173 8ababbie3548425 9seplute/HQ334084 10HCresAlz555411 11MemoryCafeDirectory1641

Nice work all teams, and see you next Friday - or sooner of course, as #CabinFever challenge goes on! :)

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