Funny vessels!

I hereby create this topic for all the funny/weird/interesting shaped vessels we find in Stall Catchers :))

I’ve seen many while testing (sadly I didn’t capture them all!), and I am sure we will find many more:)

Let me start with one!

I call it “The One to Rule Them All” :sunglasses:

I think it looks like an owl flying and flapping its wings upwards, with the moon overhead!

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Hissy, hissy, little snakey,
Slither on the floor.

—Morfin Gaunt



A rare heart shaped blood vessel annotation! We love #citsci! #catchathon @CrowdAndCloudTV @eyesonalz

— Courtney (@Lighthouse_Envi) July 22, 2017

One of the coolest movies I’ve seen so far - not because of the outline or stalled/flowing status at all, but because of the other - huge & alive - vessels nearby!!

Unusual artifact during imaging.

“Finger Painting”

Very pretty,

“Cat Tail”


“Hawaiian Lei”


LOL - these are awesome, @gcalkins, thanks for sharing !! :))

I’ll drop them to our Instagram too :smiley:

Of course we need to identify the unidentifiable. (Maybe some of our brain scientists actually know what this thing is.) It is very unusual.



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Maybe in honor of our EyesOnAlz leader, Pietro, we can honor him with the “Thinking Bear” constellation.

“Thinking Bear”



These are awesome, thanks @gcalkins !!

We’d have to ask @Chris_Schaffer & @nn62 to tell us what the strange thing in the first image is :scream:

While there are more of these that are similar, these are two of the more dramatic asteroids and comets we can find in the movies.

“Egle’s Asteroid”

“Claire’s Comet”


Lol :joy: thanks for these!

I have a selection today too… :sunglasses:


Alien :scream: :alien:

This outline kinda looks like an embryo (or a teddy bear :joy:)

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This is a great honor indeed! Thank you, Guy - I have posted this on the wall above my desk!

All the best,
Thinking Bear


I hope everyone keeps checking back. I have ten more images to share in our funny vessels. I will just spread them out over time.


This is one of my favorites so far.

“Man’s Best Friends - Praying for a Cure”

Hound dog and a Labrador gazing upward.


Yep - and we’re putting them all up on Instagram, so share away! :smile:

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh