Half-page intro to Stall Catchers

Hi all,

I’m exploring some different ways of promoting Stall Catchers to a wider audience. One promising resource is the local public library, because you often have a high bandwidth internet connection there, and libraries try to promote activities of interest to the community.

Here is a first cut at a half-page promotional intro to Stall Catchers: https://pastebin.com/hLjLPbZx . I included information about the 501( c )( 3 ) status because libraries will often provide free or reduced cost access to meeting rooms for nonprofit organizations. Please give me feedback if you have ideas on improving the document.

Tom (@Tacitsci)


Based on some feedback I received, here is a revision: https://pastebin.com/ZZhAD5ny . If you use this in your own proposals, you should check each time to make sure that the links (e.g., washingtonpost.com) are still live.

Hi Tom!

Sorry for a late response - busy dealing with bugs and things! :sweat_smile:

I think that’s a nice and informative introduction. The only thing to change is the link to the EyesOnALZ site - there is no more “eyesonalz.com” (people where getting lost on their way to Stall Catchers), only stallcatchers.com. Information about EyesOnALZ can be found at this link: https://stallcatchers.com/about#eyesonalz

Please feel free to also use and remix any materials you find on our About page, especially the press kit. And let me know if you need any specific materials or media!!

Thanks very much for doing this - this is very exciting! Our colleagues at SciStarter are actually working on bring citizen science, including Stall Catchers, into libraries, and they want to hear from you !! I am posting Darlene’s of SciStarter message below.

We are introducing Stall Catchers at the South East Regional Library in Phoenix, AZ (as part of a focus group about citsci toolkits in libraries) on 6/19.
I’d love to understand how someone like Tom would use a library’s resources to organize catchathons, participate individually, or discover information about citizen science and Stall catchers as a patron.
We have some ideas but it would be great to hear from him.

If you have thoughts to share, feel free to do it here, or I could connect you with Darlene via email if that’s OK with you?

Many thanks again!!!

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Hi Egle,

Thanks for your encouragement. The latest revision of the intro is at https://pastebin.com/0FET1r8r . The raw source text is in Markdown format, which is the format used here on the Forum.

I’m excited to hear about Darlene’s efforts at the library in Phoenix. The specific approach I’m considering right now is to publicize individual one-on-one Stall Catchers tutoring sessions at an announced date/time/location at the library. If I can get one or two people to show up for an hour or half an hour of instruction, that would be a good start. Ideally this instruction would also include guidance on how people can teach others about Stall Catchers to create a kind of chain reaction. I’m hoping such an approach would be productive at a library system with multiple branches.

For others reading this discussion, here is the link to SciStarter: https://scistarter.com/ .