Happy Hours & Dementia Action Week

Hi all!

This week we’re joining in the Dementia Action Week (#DAM2018) with a special Stall Catchers challenge that will last until Sunday. Full info on our blog: https://blog.eyesonalz.com/daw2018/

To participate, join the Dementia Action Week team (you can simply follow this link (bit.ly/StallCatchersDAW2018), login and it will ask you if you want join the team), catch, and look for yourself on the leaderboards!

We will report the final leaderboards and total research time achieved at the end of the week.

But there’s more! From today to Sunday, we’re having Happy Hours in Stall Catchers! Gain double points every day 12 to 14pm UTC (8 to 10am ET) :exclamation:

Have fun ! :blush: And, as always, please let us know here or via email, if you run into any problems.

Why is happy hour so early? I don’t even start playing until well after that.

Hi @MikeLandau! This time we optimized it for users from UK (as we expect more of them to participate due to Dementia Action Week) - but we will have happy hours at different times to suit other users in the future too!

As promised, here are the results of Dementia Action Week challenge! :blush: Thank you all for participating :purple_heart: full blog post here: https://blog.eyesonalz.com/daw2018-results/

Congrats on claiming the top places @christiane & @MikeLandau !!