Has scoring changed?

Help, I am very confused by tonight’s game.

Can anyone explain to me how anyone can jump in points 26,000, 37,000, 62,000, 41,00, and 66,000 every 10 minutes or so. I understand the 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, and 9000 scores and yes, I get a few of those a night. But, this just seemed way and above anything of that nature.
So any help in understanding what I saw would be greatly appreciated.


Carol, someone with a high skill ranking and fast internet connection playing steadily can average 50,000 points or so every ten minutes, even without redeeming points. If they redeem points along the way, they can rack up such scores more easily or faster. I believe you scored over 500,000 points in two hours or less this evening yourself. That would average out to about 42,000 points (or more) every ten minutes. So, I’m not sure what you witnessed was any more impressive than your own performance. I think you redeem points at the end of your session, whereas the other person might have been redeeming theirs every ten minutes. I hope this might at least partially answer your question.
Mike C.

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for responding. Well that explains a lot. I was unaware that you could redeem your points thru-out the night. I thought it was a one and done till the next time it turned green. And you are correct, I start out the night at the bottom of the days leader board and challenge myself to see how far up I can get. I usually do about 200-300 movies a night. Tonight tho, it was not happening for me. Thunderstorms have put the squash on my internet service/speed. Not sure what was wrong, just took over 1&1/2 minutes to load each movie. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
I do have another question, if you would be so kind as to help me out again. Do I have catcher " cooties" or something. It seems like when I am playing and pass someone on the days leader board, next thing I know, they have signed off. It has started to make me feel bad. There have been a couple of times where I sign on, see a couple of names, then sign off because I don’t want to shoo them away. Can you help me understand what I am doing wrong.

Thank you again for responding,

Well, I certainly doubt you’ve got “catcher cooties,” Carol, and you’re certainly doing nothing wrong.

  1. Let me assure you I was not put off when you passed me this evening; I had just passed you after all. Actually, I was having fun chasing you and working to catch back up (Guy & I do that to each other a lot), but had to take a break to eat dinner (yes, we were late).
  2. If someone is idle for a ten-minute segment (like I was), their bullet point goes away making it look like they are gone, but they might not actually be signed out. I was not this evening, and was rather disappointed you were gone when I returned. I appreciate your having mentioned why. Hope your internet is humming tomorrow.
  3. That being said, I’ve had similar concerns to yours. When I see a new player whose score is advancing by small increments, I am sometimes afraid it might be discouraging for them if I blow on by at my usual speed. I can’t do too much about that. That’s part of the reason I have taken to redeeming points only once a week.
  4. I forget, are you on the west coast? If so, then when you are active in the evening, our friends in Europe are likely in bed, and players on the east coast may be getting ready to call it a night (or watch their favorite crime drama or sci-fi flick). So, you are apt to see folks signing out regardless.
  5. It’s obvious to me from previous postings and responses that you are loved! Truly a beloved part of our community. Nope - no cooties.
    Hope some of that helps. I guess I’ll execute my redemption dump now. Look forward to seeing you back in action tomorrow.
    PS. 2b) I should add that, once someone signs out, it may take several minutes for their bullet point to go blank. Yours was still “on” when I first passed you, but I could see you were idle since your score was stagnant at the time. Some of the folks you pass might well have signed out before you overtook them - of course, they might have seen you coming. :wink: It took me a while to figure out that those crazy arrows and bullets only update every ten minutes.
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Hi Carol -
I’ll second Mike’s comments. All players are loved and respected for spending time in this great cause. We hope that although it is a game format it is understood that all progress is greatly appreciated. So we hope beginners understand that after they have viewed 10,000 or 20,000 movies they too will join the ranks of the more experienced players. More experience will lead to more points.

I know the programmers are working to enable some sort of chat box which will allow us to interact in real time with players instead of only through this forum. This will give us a chance to welcome and encourage new players as they join. The social aspect is an important part of keeping new players engaged. We will also be able to respond to general questions like many of the questions in the forums. We have found that many new players never find their way into the forum and don’t get a chance to ask clarifying questions.

Take care,
Guy (@gcalkins)


Carol, please don’t hold back out of concern that you are chasing others away. People may sometimes be logging off because they don’t have a good WiFi connection. Hopefully everyone will understand that their contribution, large or small, is valuable and counts.

Tom (@Tacitsci)

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Thanks for coming to my rescue once again.

  1. I too like playing “cat and mouse catch up” with you. Some nights you really keep me on my toes! (Guy too!)
  2. Again, something I did not know about being idle. Yes, my internet is acting up again tonight, going in spurts where it loads in seconds and then loads like last night. Could only take it for about 55 movies tonight. Will have to get my resident pc geek(hubby) to look at this darn machine.
  3. Hadn’t thought about dumping just once a week. I like to work my way up like I said and then redeem right before I sign off. I have been trying to “beat” my record of points for some time now, but may try your way.
  4. I live in south west Va., about 45 minutes north of Va. Tech.
    5.Awww, thank you for the very king words.

Thanks again,

Hi Guy,
That would be awesome to have a chat box! Granted I will have to learn how to use it. I sit here and cheer on the newbies I see and get upset when they give up and sign off. We all had to start at the beginning, some of us are just to hard-headed (me) to let the game defeat me.
Thanks for responding to my questions.

Happy catching,

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Hi Tom,
Thank you for your kind words. Last night and tonight, it has been my internet that has caused problems for me. I truly enjoy this “game” and feel like I am helping in some small way. I have been a “die-hard worker bee” all my life and now that I am semi retired, I try really hard to find ways to “help” everywhere, everyone, any way I can. I keep thanking my husband for telling/showing me this game. It make me feel good, like that last ant in the line, bringing up that last piece of leaf to the nest. Corny I know, but feels good just the same.

Happy catching,