Not being a social media user, I’ve been slow to pick up on some of the functionality in this forum. Recently I discovered a users statistical table of sorts. Disturbingly, it showed I’d received thirty-some hearts, but given none. I was not sure what that meant, but it seemed sub-optimal performance to me. Not finding a users guide or key to decipher the columns, after a few weeks I was ready to ask Guy what was wrong with me; perhaps I’m an ogre. Despite having written some affirmations, I still had zero hearts given.
Finally, it dawned on me this morning. There’s a little gray heart at the bottom of the postings. If you hover over it with the cursor, it changes color. It must give a “like” if you click on it. Duh! So, I’m not an ogre so much as ignorant, and now embarrassed.
I feel like I owe several of you an apology. I really do appreciate the quality of the contributions to this forum, and feel privileged to be part of the stall-catcher community. I will try to not be “heartless” in the future.
Mike (Old Dog) Capraro


I use a small fraction of the features provided by social media, and I get a little embarrassed when my younger family members use them with such great facility (PayPal for example).


I got a little alarmed when I saw the title of this thread :scream: :smiley: but turns out it’s anything but “heartless” :blush:

No worries, @caprarom, social media hearts is not what really matters anyway :heart: :slight_smile: :blush:


It occurs to me, Tacitsci, that had I been an Electrical rather than a Chemical Engineer, I’d be more “current.”
With apologies to all.

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I don’t participate very much on Facebook, so I guess I’m a member of the Resistance.


“Ohm” my gosh, Tom. Well said!