I can't stand this movie! It's driving me crazy!

I believe that this is a faulty movie. The reason why I believe this is because I think that if you look at the data the only people who ever get this movie correct are the people who have seen it so many times that they remember the correct answer! I think if you look at the data you will see that that is correct. I will be very surprised if it’s not. I don’t believe that calibration movie is supposed to work that way is it? I really think this movie should be removed. Sorry for making a separate post about this one, but I find this one to be particularly irritating, so I had to do it. Is this the same one that I complained about previously? If so, IOU a double apology, but what can I do, I got this far writing this, so I’m posting it.

I agree with you. Remembering this movie while have seen it so many times, and remembering the correct answer … but indeed :calibration movie is not supposed to work that way !

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@caprarom @gcalkins any chance you guys recall whether this one was in the calibration movies that you re-evaluated, and indicated they should be removed? Since Claire led this, and she is no longer on the project, I’d really appreciate help in figuring it out :flushed:

I think we removed a few annoying ones, so why is this one still here…?

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