I don't understand the criterion of a stall being present for the entire movie

I’m very confused by the criterion that the stall has to be there throughout the entire movie in order for it to be counted as a stall. This is the second time that I have heard this. I just have to say that I was not aware of this rule until recently, and I really haven’t seen a situation where it looks to me as if the stall remains there for the entire movie. However, since this is the second time that I have now heard this, I will try to keep it in mind, but I would like to say that this particular criterion is not well explained in the tutorial videos, if at all. If this is indeed a criterion for the blood vessel being counted as stalled, there really needs to be a greater effort to explain this point. There needs to be a tutorial in which an example is given of a movie where the blockage is not present for the entire movie, and another movie in which the blockage is present for the entire movie. Currently, I am still rather vague on this distinction. As far as I can see, it definitely looks to me like a stall is there. If this indeed is not the case, then there really needs to be a better tutorial that explains this distinction.

I was going to make a screenshot of the movie in question, but I accidentally refreshed the page, and it disappeared. I have no idea how to make how to refer to movies without a screenshot. As I’ve said somewhere in the past, it would be a really good idea if there were some way to refer to movies, but I understand that’s a problem with regard to design. In any event, I find the above criterion to be highly problematic. If indeed it is the case, then more explanation is necessary on this point.

I was going to leave a comment on the movie in question, but my comment is to a large fit in the comments section, so I’m posting it here.

Hi Mike -
Perhaps the better wording would be “the dark spot should not be moving for the duration that the stalled vessel is visible.” You are correct that most of the time the targeted vessel is only visible for a part of the movie.


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Thanks for the feedback. We are planning on making new video tutorial, so I add the comment to our task.

We are also planning on a way for volunteers to be able to see the movies they annotated so in the future, it should become easier to refer to movies.

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