If you were a stall icon...what would you be?

Hi All! Community help needed :grinning:

We’re working on redesigning some parts of the interface, and can’t quite decide if it’s possible / useful to use icons for flowing/stalled vessels (instead of words or colors), and what should those look like. E.g. when you see the answer to a real movie, what icon would be informative to you to illustrate how many catchers answered “flowing” and how many answered “stalled”.

For example, 7 :heavy_check_mark: / 3 :x: – BUT we already dismissed this particular option because it looks like 7 “correct” answers (although we’re trying to show “flowing”) and 3 incorrect (instead of “stalled”), so that could be confusing.

And if you Google “flow” or “clog/blockage” icon, whatever comes up seems too detailed and would be almost impossible to see properly thus not informative, especially on small screens.

So now I turn to YOU! :smiley: any ideas what icons could we use, or just avoid them altogether?!

Ummm … for those of us less fixated on icons - perhaps simply using “F” and “S” would work, as in 7F/3S. Otherwise, an arrow seems obvious for flows, such as :arrow_up: or something similar; and perhaps a stop sign or something akin to :stop_sign: for stalls.


Oooh I like the idea of arrow & stop sign!!

To be honest, I had already given up on icons and was simply going to go with colors, as such:

But there was an uprising in the team saying it’s not clear enough… I still vote for the minimal option like this tho :smiley:

Colors work for me, too. However, remember the issue with color-blindness when the team elected to change the target outline oval color. They might not work for everyone.
Of course, if the default order is understood to be always Flows/Stalls, then it might not matter.

Oooh but you’re right about the color blindness… hm. Will think about it all a bit more. Thanks so much for your input – it is very helpful! :heart_eyes:

How about, a part of a vessel, with a :rage: emoji signifying the stall? Just a thought.

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Ooooh I like this idea! :laughing: (I like emojis!)

I’ll think about using it…

༼ ◉_◔༽ or ৵( °͜ °৵)


lol @Badstallsbadbad