I'm getting an error message on every other movie!

Hi, Chairgaf. I’d suggest using the link at the top of this forum page (in the green box) to report the issue. It’s possible the individual you tried contacting is on vacation or something, but likely the incoming issue forms are being monitored.
Mike C.

Hi @chairgaf - we definitely received your message and I sent you several emails - have you not been receiving them? :scream:

We’ve been waiting to hear from you, since we have been trying to find the issue and fix it, but we can’t repeat it. We even logged in with your account, with your indicated browser (Edge) and it still works fine for us.

Could you send us screenshots, if you have any, and let us know what device exactly (laptop computer? what kind?) you are using?

It might be useful if you could have a video call with our bug busters team - as we are otherwise at a loss about what’s happening here! :sob:

if you are still experiencing this error, please see here (try updating your browser!):