I'm getting an error message on every other movie!

Playing was an incredible waste of time this evening! I got an error message on every other movie! Would someone please let me know what’s going on, and why this is happening?

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I experienced the same problem on Thursday night (Unable to save movie messages) repeatedly.

Hi guys, thanks for the report and sorry for the inconvenience. We are looking into the issue.

Hi again, we found a possible issue with one of the element of the page. So we turned off that element and are investigating further.

Could you please report here if you see this error message again ?

First when I tried to play the game, the movie loaded, but there were no buttons to click that I could see, so I reloaded the page, and now it says that they are fresh out of movies, but more will be coming. It seems like others have been able to play this evening. There are people on the leaderboard. Why are there no movies for me to see?

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Hi Mike -
My understanding is that we are normally limited to annotating each new vessel only a single time. We have occasionally been allowed to provide multiple annotations as they have been investigating the statistical validity of the community responses, but that is the exception.

As one of the higher volume annotators, you are more likely to have exhausted the current dataset of new vessels. You will see others continuing to annotate who have not yet annotated the entire set of new vessels. The research team is trying to add new vessels each week, but this has not always occurred. Please check back occasionally to see if new vessels have been added. I know Pietro is working with the research team to get a more consistent stream of new vessels to be annotated.

Thanks for your consistent contributions,


Okay, thanks for letting me know! I was wondering why in the past I have seen some movies at least 100 times, maybe more, and I was wondering why I was seeing the same movies over and over again. I guess they finally put a stop to that, so now I’ll just have to wait for more movies. It would be nice if they let us know when they have added more movies to the data set.

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Dear Mike and Guy,

I met with the Cornell Lab yesterday specifically to discuss Stall Catchers data quality and data needs. Among other things, we discovered that there was an uploading glitch that occurred with two recent data upload attempts, which explains why high volume annotators like yourselves (“super catchers!”) ran out of movies.

The new data is being uploaded and we have an updated plan to avoid future data gaps. Unfortunately, this plan involves unavoidable uncertainties that are related the automating aspects of the data preparation pipeline. In particular, we cannot precisely estimate how long it will take to engineer this automation. While we are waiting for that automation to occur, we will continue to upload approximately 2000 to 4000 new vessels per week, which is double the previous volume, which resulted in gaps. We think this will be enough to prevent gaps until the automation is ready. However, if we have sudden annotation volume increases or a surge of new participants, we may end up with another data drought. We are exploring other ways to avoid data gaps during this awkward interim period.

The good news is that there are approximately 240,000 vessels from 7 or 8 studies including treatment studies that have already been imaged and are waiting to be pre-processed for Stall Catchers. So as soon as the automation is in place, we will have plenty of data to analyze and lots of potentially interesting research results to emerge.

Thanks for your excellent communication and enduring patience as we work to further open the data spigot.

All the best,


Thanks @pietro,

I’m sure that 2000 to 4000 new vessels per week should be more than enough keep me busy. I look forward to hearing about those interesting research results.

All the best,


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Hi @pietro -
Thank you so much for the update. It is wonderful to hear that we will be having much more data to be analyzed. All of the “Super Catchers” will be kept busy in the weeks and months to come. The number of players appears to be growing as I am seeing many new names appearing on the leader boards.

Many thanks,


On October 3, @ieva imported 11643 vessels provided by Mohammad for the high fat diet study. This will hopefully give us a buffer, and we expect approximately 4,000 vessels a week to continue to be uploaded for this study for the next month or so. By then, we hope to have the automation in place and new studies in the pipeline.

Thanks again for your patience and tremendous contributions.


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It is indeed great to see all the new vessels that have been uploaded. Despite that, I’m still getting ‘previously annotated’ warnings on about half the calibrations I encounter. Not sure why, but that just means it takes longer to recover if I miss one. It impedes point-scoring also, but that’s not too significant compared to the redeemed points we eventually get for all the non-calibration views. As long as we’ve got fresh views to annotate, we can tolerate the glitches. Thanks to all for taking such good care of us!

For our IT Team. I am not getting these error messages on the calibration movies. My calibrations appear to be functioning normally.

Hi guys, thanks for the report. Ieva removed one rule that could have been responsible for this bug. However, as we could not reproduce the bug, we could’t check the fix neither. Michael, could you let us know if you still experience the issue please ?

Wow! Thanks Guy & Claire (and Leva, of course). Yesterday, more than 50% of the stall calibrations and a good percentage of the flow calibrations were giving me the error messages. Today, they are all giving me points instead. I scored my first 200K points today in the time it would have taken to score just 50K yesterday. For the first time in several weeks, I’m free of those annoying ‘previously annotated’ warnings. So much more pleasant stall-catching now. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the confirmation Michael !

Hopefully we will manage to get rid off these errors once for all soon. Please continue reporting as soon as you have the issue.

Well done on the score ! #NotJealous :wink:

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I’m getting that “Error Saving Movie Answer” warning message that Tacitsci & Mike Landau reported on a few weeks ago. It comes up about 50% of the time, but the points seem to register normally. Regards,
Mike C.

I have also started getting the same “Error Saving Movie Answer” warning pop-up messages. I have alerted the EyesOnAlz team and know they will address it as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

Here is the actual pop-up I am getting frequently.

Hi gcalkins,
I was about to holler Houston we have a problem, but there have been a few people reporting the same thing, so I won’t. Thank you for the screen shot, that’s the same thing I have been getting on 37 of the 50 movies I did tonight. I really appreciate all you folks that are more computer savy than I am. I know how to do a few things on here but not that.
Thanks again for staying on top of things.

I M still getting this same warnong. Have tried emailing at least one admin, but nothing back (a week).