Is a feature like global chat on the updates list?

One thing that is missing from Stall Catchers is the ability to ask quick questions in the community. I’m sure with all the teams being created that someone new will want help when annotating a tough video, or ask whether it’s a video to flag. The only options right now to ask questions is either in the forums, or posting something on twitter, and it’s possible people don’t have an account setup for either.

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Hi @sean4046,

Our apologies for not responding to this sooner!

Yes - absolutely! In fact, it is coming very soon … :innocent: that’s all I am going to say for now :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, you are spot on - we have been hearing from the community about the need of a live chat (and craving it ourselves!!) for a while, and it is finally coming! YAY! Hopefully, it will not only help to navigate the game better - with help of other members, but make the community tighter too! :blush:

Thanks again for your question, and look for the chatbox soon …:wink:

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