Issues at Stall Catchers (CHECK HERE before posting)

Hi @caprarom,

Yep - it was probably what you later figured out, someone joined the team later & not all of their points count to the team’s score.

Thank you for keeping an eye on things though! :wink: our Stall Catchers internal math sometimes fails too! :smiley:


There seems to be a problem with the game tonight. I’ve gotten the problem saving movie error message about five times in a row.


Dear Annette,

Thank you for letting us know about this. Has this resolved yet?

More often than not, this error is the result of a poor or failed internet connection. However, please let us know if this issue continues.

Best wishes,

Thank you for responding Pietro. I am happy to report that everything is working fine tonight!

Have a great weekend,


Hello. It looks like a new data set was just added and about half the movies seem to be of poor quality. At first I thought it was just me but then I saw that two experienced players were also commenting on the quality of the movies. I’m not sure if there is anything you can do but I just wanted to let you know. Thanks,

Not a big issue, but the number of warnings saying, “You have already annotated this movie.
Please continue to next movie.” is getting a bit annoying. Some of those movies are calibrations (I think), so I don’t understand why it comes up then. I sometimes get two to four such messages in a row. Just thought I should mention it in case there’s a problem.

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Thanks @caprarom for alerting us!! We’ll look into :wink:

The same few movies keep coming up over and over this morning, and half of them give the "You have already annotated — " warning. I assume that some site maintenance is underway or preparations for loading a new batch of movies, as appeared to be the case the last time this happened. If so, it would be nice to get some kind of notice to that effect. (Maybe it’s there, I just didn’t see it.) Otherwise, there seems to be a problem. Mike C.
As of this afternoon, the issue seems partially, but not wholly resolved. Oops, I’m wrong. It’s getting worse again. Mike

I have been having this same problem for the last 2 days. Frankly, getting very annoyed with it. Over half of all the movies that I annotated yesterday, I did not get credit for. I am very new to this forum thing and don’t quite know how to go about it. Hence replying to your letter. If you find out what the heck is going on, can you please let me know.
Thank you. Carol

Thank you, Carol. Good to know it’s not just me. I’ve basically had to just give up the last couple days, had as many as 22 out of 25 attempts result in Warnings. The few others I can score on are all repeats, so no productive use doing those over & over. I’ll certainly let you know if I find out anything. Some of the team has been involved with a UK Science Fest lately. Coupled with this occurring over the weekend, it’s not surprising we’ve not gotten a response as yet. I’m impressed with the scores you’ve racked up despite it all. Mike

Carol, I just took another stab at it this morning, and things seem much improved. I scored a quick 30K with only one warning. Movies and calibrations that gave me warnings yesterday are mostly giving me scores today - so far, anyway. Perhaps something got reset in the system. Good luck! Mike

Carol and Mike -
Based on my understanding the issue stems from the fact that we are running low on new movies in the current dataset. @sean4046 asked a question last week about the redemption of points being disabled again and @pietro 's response indicated that it was due to the fact that we had completed the required annotations on the newest dataset. The dataset was being extended and some new movies were being added last Tuesday. This gave us a temporary reprieve as new movies were available. I believe we are once again running low. Pietro is hoping that new movies (new vessels) will be added on a more frequent basis, but that they are still working through this process.

Bottom line is that with the new Dynamic Consensus Stopping Model, which requires fewer annotations per vessel, we are analyzing data faster than Chris’ lab can add new movies. If you start to see yourself analyzing the same vessels over and over or getting the “out of movies” error message, it probably indicates that we have gotten to the end of the current dataset. We just need to wait a day or two and check back to see if more data is available. Hopefully, they will get the lab cranked up and give us more movies on a regular basis.

Would love to hear more from @Pietro or others if this is incorrect.


Dear Guy (and Carol and Mike),

Thanks for calling this out and we apologize for the situation - I think it affects primarily the most active users due to your high annotation rates.

You are exactly right, this is related to annotating faster than we can fill up the data reserves. The good news is that means Stall Catchers if analyzing data at a steady pace. The flip side, however, is these warning messages.

Mohammad, who is providing data from the lab, is going to double the weekly data upload to try to remedy this situation. The incoming data continues to support the high fat diet study, which seeks to answer the question of whether or not a high fat diet increases the stall rate in wild mice and Alzheimer’s mice.

Please do let us know if the problem does not disappear this week.

Thanks and best wishes,

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Thanks, Guy & Pietro; that all makes sense. And thank you, Mohammad!! It’s great to see some fresh uploads again.

It seems like a good time to mention the build up of pending redemption points. Since July, when the point redemption button was disabled and then re-enabled from time to time, we, the players, have been accumulating extra pending movies that are not getting redeemed. I realize that new vessels need to achieve a sufficient number of annotations before the community decision is made and points can be awarded. However, it appears that when we extend the annotations beyond the stopping algorithm requirements, the pending movies accumulate in the pending redemption points movie count without ever being redeemed. Some of the movies (vessels) have subsequently been removed from the dataset and are no longer even available for annotation and redemption.

I have had 1000’s of pending movies for over a month now, and still growing, that have never been redeemed and don’t appear to be getting redeemed anytime soon. I am pretty sure other players are having similar experiences. There appears to be some sort of bug that isn’t allowing these movies to get redeemed.


I can confirm that, Guy. Many thousands awaiting redemption. Been curious about that myself. Mike
PS. — and the Warning messages are mounting again. Have had as many as five back-to-back this morning.

Hi guys,

I’m investigating the two last topics: the redeem point situation and the warning messages. Sorry for not getting back to you quicker. I’ll try to get an answer really soon.

Good morning,

I had the confirmation that there is no issue with the points to redeem. You will be able to redeem them all. Ieva is working on a new system at the moment. When we know more, we will share with you again.

@CarolakaMema, @caprarom, @gcalkins, are you still experiencing issues saving the movies ?

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Hi @Claire -
We will wait then for the redemptions to resume and catch up on the old annotations.

It does appear that a new batch of new vessel movies were uploaded last evening or this morning. New stuff to annotate. Yay!!!

Thanks for checking.

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Claire, I just completed a session. It appeared that Mohammad uploaded fresh movies part way (~40%) through the session. While I could not tell that it impacted the frequency of the ‘previously annotated’ warnings, it was great to see the “new stuff” as Guy said. I got fifteen warnings over the course of scoring 207,060 points, never more than two back-to-back. That is definitely below the annoying threshold. Thanks to all for keeping us gainfully employed! Mike C.

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