Issues at Stall Catchers (CHECK HERE before posting)

This thread is for reporting issues & bugs at Stall Catchers! Please check the other responses (you can use the search function at the top right of the page) before posting, and post any new issues here!

We will report what’s happening as we solve them here as well.

####How to report issues:

  • give as much context of the problem as you can
  • indicate which operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac, Android etc.) you are using, and which browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, Safari, etc.)
  • provide a screenshot if you have one

Thank you for helping us improve Stall Catchers!

Flowing & Stalled buttons disappear

We have received many reports of the buttons disappearing & are our development team is addressing this problem with highest priority!

####What to do if this happens?

  • Refresh the page
  • If this doesn’t solve it, navigate to a different page on Stall Catchers and back to “Analyze”
  • Post as much detail about the error here, along with the type of browser & OS that you are using

Disappearing, duplicate or invalid outlines

If you’re seeing weird movies - e.g. missing outline, an outline that does not align with a vessel, or an outline that jumps to a new spot in the same movie - please flag them and we will remove them ASAP!

More about why this is happening in this post.

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The stalled and flowing buttons are back! Thanks to some great realtime feedback from users and investigative work from the team (especially @ieva), we got to the bottom of this.

Technical explanation (for anyone interested): It looks like Amazon Web Services (AWS) was the culprit. They had a minor outage last week (see image) that coincidentally affected the server that sends out our vessel movies. When the movies weren’t being served properly, a safety mechanism in our software flagged these movies as problematic so they wouldn’t be loaded again. This ultimately confused our software into thinking that ALL the calibration movies were bad, even after AWS was back up and running. And because our buttons only show up if movies load properly, they were missing. We are now monitoring AWS to avoid this happening in the future.


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Couple of Bugs in Team Info Displays

The “Last Played” column in the team lists appears to display the “date joined the team”. Maybe informative, but would prefer to have the date they last played to see who is active on the team.

The “Team Rank” appears to be the value of “2” for all teams except the leading team, who does have a Rank of “1”.



Many thanks for this feedback, @gcalkins. This is exactly why we are calling this a “Beta” release, because we are still ironing out the wrinkles, and you identified some good ones!

We definitely agree about “date last played” being more interesting. In fact, I think that idea came up too close to the team competition launch for us to include it, but we are thinking along the same lines.

And the team rank on the leaderboard page definitely needs to get fixed. We’ll post an update as soon as we can to resolve that.

We really do rely on feedback like yours to improve this platform, so we are grateful for your help. Thank you again and please let us know if you notice anything else.

Warm regards,

Dear SC Technical Team,
Thanks for the automatic redemption of community points. However, it appears that this upgrade has possibly disabled the accumulators for new pending annotations. After redeeming my points, which appears to have redeemed all of my pending annotations, I have annotated a couple hundred new vessels and nothing has been added to my new pending counter. Even with the original redemption, I wouldn’t have expected all pending movies to be scored, since not all movies have reached the necessary community annotations to be officially scored. Like Egle’s example, I was expecting to see half or more to be scored and the balance to remain in the pending state. I used to be able to see this pending counter increase for all real vessels annotated as I proceeded to annotate. This pending count is now stuck at “0”. Should I still see this counter increasing as I go?


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Hi @gcalkins

Thanks for the heads up! We’re looking into it! :flushed:


Thanks @seplute
Let your programmer know that the counter does increment as expected (picture verifies), but the counter gets reset to zero when the program runs through the new point redemption check subroutine. (Where it decides if there are more points to be redeemed.)

After hitting the “Next” button to get the next movie, the pending count is set back to zero. I would guess the line of code to reset the counter didn’t get inside the right subsection of code and is being executed every time the subroutine is called.
(Used to program years ago.)

Just FYI, I do not appear to have the same counter issue. Mine seems to be incrementing steadily and normally with no resets to zero. So, the problem is not uniform - or, maybe you just got it corrected already.

Everything seems to be back to normal. Thank you Technical Team for the quick response, you’re the best! Back to catching stalls…

Hi everyone! Yes - we believe we managed to fix this yesterday. Please do let us know if any other problems arise though, as always!

Thanks very much for your feedback & for all the extra details you provided @gcalkins :blush:

Happy catching!

Hello, I’m not sure if this is the right place to be posting this, but today I’ve been having an issue where several times I’ve gotten a “not correct” message before I even hit any buttons. It might be possible that when I’m trying to move the slider, I’m accidentally clicking on the “flowing” button, but I don’t think so. It seems like, I’m getting the message before I even hit any buttons, but maybe I’m clicking on a button somehow, and I just don’t realize it. Anyway, it’s very frustrating. Is anyone else having this problem?

Was out of town a couple days, Mike. I got on this morning/afternoon, and experienced no such issues. Regards,
Mike C.

Thanks for your reply! It happened to me two or three times, but it hasn’t happened recently. It was probably just human error on my part, but I thought I would ask anyway just in case.

Hello. Tonight all my “maybe” movies have scores of “Stalled: 0”; “Flowing: 0.” Is there something wrong with the system, or am I actually looking at a number of new movies that have just been added?
Thank you,

@annettei we did just add a new dataset! Check it out:

Thank you for responding @lvinarcsik. That’s the first time I’ve seen that so I wanted to double check. It’s good to see more data being developed.

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I noticed a potential glitch in the team scoring today. The “I See Stalls” team shows a total for today (as of 11:18 EST) of 298,031. However, Carol aka Mema shows 242,709 points and Mary4g 78,175 points. They are both on the subject team, so their team total should be greater than shown. Regards, Mike C.
As of 12;25, Mary increased her score to 114,057 and their team total incremented accordingly to 333,913, but my math says their total should be 356,766, so the offset remains as it was earlier at 22,853 points too low.
Ah - I see Mary’s team score is less than her score for today, perhaps she only just joined; that would explain the discrepancy. If so, nevermind!