Lost redeemable movies, Nov 20-21

hello there fellow catchers! I’m here to give an update about yesterday’s missing movies to redeem & ask for your counsel :pray:

so to begin with, we apologize for throwing a bunch of “edge” movies in here prematurely yesterday - as Pietro said, we recently realized that 40% of vessels have been classified as “edge” vessels and removed from this dataset, but in fact not all of them are impossible to annotate. but there was a glitch in our internal communication and we enabled them too soon (some where indeed impossible to annotate)…

later when we realized this, we pulled them back out. but that means that if you annotated them and they went to your “pending movies” list, after we removed them you lost those pending movies (and potential points) forever :disappointed:

we tried to find a way to bring the points back in a way that everyone who analyzed the said movies would get a chance to redeem them, but unfortunately we can’t find a way to do that without potentially introducing other problems or breaking the redeem function :grimacing: we also can’t tell who had annotated what number of those movies, and of course whether or not their annotations were correct. so we can’t know how many points we “owe” each of you.

so my question for you is this - what should we do :smile: here’s the options as we see them…:

  • manually give back an estimated amount of points to those who give us such estimates (i.e. how many “pending” movies have you lost); those who haven’t noticed or don’t see this post will not be reimbursed tho :disappointed:
  • give a certain token amount of points to everyone who played on the day. this will not reflect the actual points that some of you should have earned, but it will symbolically reward all those who spent their time annotating those movies!
  • not give any points to anyone, since we don’t know how much exactly do we owe :disappointed: if you’re willing to forgive us & let it go, that is! :sob:

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hopefully you will help us decide & we will take action tomorrow!

thank you, and very sorry again for this little chaos we caused :sob: :purple_heart:

Thank you all for your input (and for your understanding!!) And the result is:

Thanks again, and of course, we’ll try our best not to cause such chaos and confusion with movies in the future! :grimacing: :pray: