Need a pep talk!

Evening catchers friends,

I don’t rightly know what my problem is, or where my “mojo” has run off to, but I am having a heck of a time these last few months. I seem to take 2 steps forward and 10-15 back! My sensitivity hasn’t been close to 116 for a while. I know I have been going through a lot of stress lately, but it has never seemed to bother my game play before.
Anyone with any tips, tricks, etc. and would like to share, it would be greatly appreciated. As for me… I am calling it a night. Tomorrow is another day. Until next time…

Thanks for letting me whine,


Carol, very sorry to hear of your slump. I don’t know about providing a pep talk, not my forte. I would point out the obvious; you are one of the top stall-catchers of all time, and even the best, in baseball, tennis or golf for example, have rough spells now & then. You’ll be back - no question. Meanwhile, you’re still making a valued contribution.
I could commiserate a bit, however. I’ve been missing more calibrations of late than usual myself. Maybe they snuck in a few new ones on us? There’s one in particular I keep ‘missing’ consistently. I know it’s going to pop up now & then, but when it does, I can’t quite yet bring myself to provide the “correct” response. (Well, sometimes I just forget - ‘Oh, it’s that one!’) I do rather enjoy clawing my way back up the skill bar, however, so aside from the embarrassment, I don’t mind the occasional miss. It breaks up the tedium, especially while we’re awaiting some fresh meat to evaluate.
So, sharpen your claws, hang in there, Carol, & I’ll look forward to ‘seeing’ you again this evening.
Mike C.


Carol, I second what Mike said. When you continue racking up points, that provides motivation to me to also make a contribution. I still get exasperated when the obviously mis-classified movies knock down my sensitivity level, but then I just go on and work to build it back up, knowing that each movie helps.



Dear Mike and Tom,

Thank you fellas for such kind words, they were just what I needed today.

The good news (short lived as it was), that I hit 116 for all of about 5-10 minutes! Then I had a sneezing fit, missed a few and dropped down to 105, where I signed off. And no, I won’t let this “slump” as you so kindly put it, get me too much farther down the rabbit hole. I understand about having good and bad days but, holy moly batman, it seems like I have been stuck there for 2 months. I have sharpened my claws, pickaxes, checked my glasses and anything else I could think of to help me figure out what I was doing wrong.
I will continue to work at climbing up the blue wall and one of these days… BINGO, I will be back on top of my game. Until next time friends… keep up the great work you all are doing.