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Hey all,

In case you missed it: the EyesOnALZ blog is now LIVE!

We’ll post bits and bots here about the project, the team, the events we do, and you of course - our dedicated volunpeers!

If you’d like to write a guest post (or become a permanent contributor!) - you are more than welcome to do so! Just email me at, and we will arrange that.

We want to hear from YOU! :slight_smile:

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ICYMI - a couple of new blog posts, about:

Also, information about the current running challenge is on these posts :slight_smile: :

###Please let us know if there’s anything you’d like covered in the blog! :slight_smile: contributions are most welcome!

Recent from the blog:

If you’ve been curious what we’ve been up to recently, check here: Busy month behind the scenes! ( :smiling_imp:

New video about Stall Catchers!

As you may have noticed, we launched a revamped version of the Stall Catchers landing page last week! And for it - as well as to celebrate Stall Catchers of course - Vika (our social media manager & an amazing video artist + photographer), created this video… Enjoy! (and please share! :pray: )

P.S. We used quite a lot of materials from The Crowd & The Cloud, so we are very grateful to them, and - ICYMI - here’s the full documentary episode they created about our project!

Full post:

EyesOnALZ & Stall Catchers have been included in the new UCL’s open online course about citizen science !! :blush:

There was a practical last week, and a lecture today about user-centered design, which shared lessons learned from EyesOnALZ & gathering and responding to feedback from all of YOU in developing our platform :purple_heart:

See the full blog post here:

Learn what’s been happening behind the scenes at Stall Catchers! New data pipelines…: