New outline color implemented!

Hey all,

you might have noticed that the Virtual Microscope is all autumn-colored today - yay! Thanks to our developers the outline color has been changed from thin green (which has been causing trouble to most people) to thick orange.

Please let us know any feedback in this thread :slight_smile: is the new outline easy to use? Is it clear on all movies? Is it working OK?

Thanks for helping us improve the game together!! :slight_smile: that’s the only way to go!

P.S. if you have any other outline-unrelated suggestions about Stall Catchers, don’t forget to post them here.

The first thing this morning, I saw the new model outline - bright orange. Hooray! And thanks.

However, the display has somehow been affected in some of the movie screens - only part of the movie appears with full detail, in an off-center rectangle with reduced detail or solid black on the rest of the screen. In one of these, the vessel and outline were in the solid black area so I couldn’t analyze it. Moving the slider causes the rest of the screen to appear, sometimes only for a few frames. Many or most of the screens appear to be OK, but I’ve only done a few screens and it may be more complicated than that. New movies, with 0 community votes, are the ones most often affected, but not all.

P.S. Now, several hours later, the problem appears to have gone or been fixed.

P.P.S. No it hasn’t.

It took a while to adjust to the new outline, but I think the team made a good compromise choice. There was one movie I had difficulty rating because the outline covered a spot I thought might be a stall, but only the one so far. Well done.

Hi @jfrancis :slight_smile:

Thanks for the alert. These off-center, black rectangles are normal. They indicate areas where various images have been digitally patched together. This happens because the size of the imaging area is smaller than the region to be imaged. The Cornell lab is hoping to start using a new imager that may reduce or eliminate this kind of patchwork in the future. For now, it is just an artifact of the process, but it shouldn’t interfere with vessel annotation. If it does, please let us know.


Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear that you have adapted to the new outline color, though we are sorry to hear that the new outline interfered with one of your ratings. Please feel free to flag the image when something like that happens - that way, the vessel experts can double-check it.


If that’s so, then why did I never see those rectangular blackouts before the outlines changed color, while I see them often since then? In two cases the blackout area included part or all of the outlined vessel; I’ve annotated and flagged them.

Even so, I shouldn’t complain, as since the changeover my analyses agreed with the expert’s more consistently, and I got my “Maybe” score up to 100 for the first time ever. But with three questionable Expert judgments in a row, I’ve been set back to 67. :frowning: