New outline color - look at samples and take poll!

We have received feedback from a number of participants indicating that the vessel outlines are sometimes very difficult, if not impossible, to see. We have also heard from some of our color-blind participants that instead of using green, the outline should perhaps be yellow or orange.

To try to get a better sense of what would work best for folks, we have created a PDF document showing some mock-ups with different outline colors and thicknesses. Please have a look here and use the poll below to let us know which ones are easiest to see in all 4 quadrants (please choose up to 3):

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Just to clarify, you asked us to rate the outline choices based upon how easy they were to spot, not upon our own personal preferences. The three I selected would not be my preferred choices - they are way “louder” than I would like. But, whatever works for the most people will be fine with me.


Excellent point, @caprarom. Since the system probably wouldn’t let you vote again, please let us know what your preferred three would be (if you prefer to keep your votes anonymous, feel free to email

Underlying your point, I think, is the idea that most obvious outlines might be overkill. We want to use an outline that is obvious to all, but that minimizes “loudness” as you put it. An outline that is too thick might occlude vessel details that would be helpful for accurate annotation.


Yes, I was worried about the outline being too distracting. The faint green ovals are rarely visually ‘occluded’ (sorry) except in the case of thick vessels with an abundance of fluorescence. For me, the “Where’s Waldo” aspect of finding the oval is part of the fun. I’m not that familiar with the challenges posed by various forms of color blindness, but I’ll email my preferences as you suggested to preserve voting neutrality. Thanks, Pietro.

UPDATE: Thanks to all who took the poll! You spoke and we listened :wink: In the spirit of our current autumn (in the Northern hemisphere), the green outline will be replaced by a more seasonal color. We don’t have a specific date yet (there are literally millions of files to re-process), but they will show up soon enough.


The first thing this morning, I saw the new model outline - bright orange. Hooray! And thanks.

However, the display has somehow been affected in some of the movie screens - only part of the movie appears with full detail, in an off-center rectangle with reduced detail or solid black on the rest of the screen. In one of these, the vessel and outline were in the solid black area so I couldn’t analyze it. Moving the slider causes the rest of the screen to appear. Many or most of the screens appear to be OK, but I’ve only done a few screens and it may be more complicated than that. New movies, with 0 community votes, are the ones most often affected, but not all.

New model outline is fantastic! There is no doubt now, where the primary vessel is located! I’m lagging behind several of you, but at level 15, I’m on Pietro’s tail----and gaining. (ho!) Evelyn

Ha! The fact that I keep getting passed is, admittedly, bittersweet :wink: But I wouldn’t want it any other way!
Best, Pietro