Paucity of Unsafe Calibration Views

There are several “Safe” calibration views in Dream Catchers, but vanishingly few “Unsafe” calibrations. It might be helpful/instructive to add more unsafe calibration views, especially to illustrate other unsafe situations besides sleeping on tummy or side.

Mike, is there a link to the training for Dream Catchers?

Tom, there’s an introduction to Dream Catchers in the blog which probably is sufficient. Otherwise, you can go directly to the website,

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Ummm the Dream Catchers calibration dataset contains mostly Unsafe images (as those are ones we have most of - most of the stock images found online depict unsafe sleep!)… Do the calibration images give bad answers or something?? :scream:

or maybe they are just not showing… will look into it, thank you!

Maybe it’s my misunderstanding. Are we currently evaluating the “unsafe dataset” for future use as unsafe calibration views? If so, yes, the majority of the views in this dataset are unsafe, and (most) all is well. The current crop of designated calibration views that we see are mostly safe. Only a few (maybe three?) are unsafe.

Hi Mike. I looked again, and I see many unsafe calibrations (maybe 3/4 which is a very normal ratio). So still not sure what’s going on there, and why are you not seeing them!

Me neither, Egle. I have seen a couple “new” unsafe calibrations in the last week, but as far as the ratio of viewed calibrations I see, it is definitely much greater than 3/4 safe. Maybe it will be rectified once the pending data updates are completed.