Point attribution to stalls found

Why is there such a wide attribution of points given to stalls found, ranging from the low 2k’s to 9k’s?

Hi Stephencpcd -
The calibration movies (for both stalled and flowing vessels) are assigned the higher point levels immediately based on their level of difficulty assuming your answer matches the expert’s opinion. The points are awarded using a multiplier of 20x, 40x, 60x, and 80x multiplied by the player’s current sensitivity level. The higher you can raise your sensitivity score the more points you earn.

All of the real vessel movies are originally assigned your current sensitivity level points only until enough players have annotated those same real vessels. When you redeem your points (when redemption is available) you receive your pending points using a multiplier of 20x multiplied by your average sensitivity score since your last redemption.

Most of the calibrations and real vessels receive the 20x multiplier. The higher point awards occur less often and provide a little extra fun when earned.

Hope this makes sense,

Thank you gcalkins for a very informative answer. This arrangement strongly gives one a reason to keep your sensitivity score at 116. Thanks again for your response.